Free Promotional Tips


Want to make your campaign a success?
We’re here to help! Below you’ll find a variety of promotional tips, tools, guides, and examples we’ve put together for you. If there is any specific content you’d like us to cover please leave a comment below!

Free Promotional Tools

  • Bitly: Free URL shortening service that helps you optimize your campaign promotion!
  • Social Misfits Media & JustGiving: Free, useful case studies, interviews and examples about charities using social media to fundraise
  • Canva: How to create free promotional images for your crowdfunding campaigns (cover images for Facebook, Twitter, Facebook ads, and more!)
  • Facebook Call-to-Action: Boost campaign sales by adding a (free) CTA to your page!

Campaign Promotion (social media)

  • Facebook: Tips and examples for promoting your campaign on Facebook
  • Twitter: Tips and examples for promoting your campaign on Twitter
  • Instagram: Tips and examples for promoting your campaign on Instagram
  • Post-campaign promotion: What to do once your campaign ends
  • Pinterest: Tips and examples for promoting your campaign on Pinterest
  • Facebook ads: How to use a Boosted Post to promote your campaign to followers

Campaigner Spotlight

Fabrily Campaign Set-Up Help

  • How to set up a campaign using the TeeMaker (video tutorial)
  • Product options: Find out about all the different products you can feature in your campaign!
  • Campaign Description: The DO’s and DON’Ts of writing your campaign description!
  • Campaign Store: Learn how to create a campaign store to feature all your campaigns
  • Campaign Re-launch notification: we’ll let people know when you re-launch a campaign!
  • Campaign Pricing: what factors affect the base cost of items in your campaign, what price does your customer see, how to minimize your base cost
  • Profits and Analytics: using your campaigner dashboard to monitor campaigns


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