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Going Green in 2015: Introducing Fabrily’s New Organic Product Options

A new year means new opportunities at Fabrily and we’ve got some great things coming up in 2015! One of our first New Year’s resolutions to fulfill is offering “green” and eco-friendly product options for campaigners and customers. We’re excited to announce that 100% premium organic cotton clothing is now available at Fabrily. Even the ink used on the organic items is eco-friendly!


100% Organic Cotton Shirts
Our premium organic unisex and ladies shirts are supplied by Stanley & Stella, a pioneer in the imprint market who produce great quality clothing in a sustainable and ethical way. The organic unisex shirts feature a round neck and sizes range from S – 3XL. White, vintage white, natural, maize yellow, sky blue and opal colour options are available for the unisex shirts. Ladies shirts feature a scoop neck and range in size from S – 2XL . Colour options for the ladies shirts consist of white, natural, maize, sky blue, and opal. Both organic products can be featured within one campaign, however premium organic items cannot be featured in campaigns with other standard items.

Our 100% organic cotton shirts are sure to please with their great quality and eco-friendly production methods:

Sustainable Production
– Produced without chemicals or GMOs
– Improves soil fertility and biodiversity thanks to crop rotation
– Better control of water irrigation
– Long lasting fibres

Premium Quality
– Soft and strong fabric
– Ideal for printing
– Comfortable and stylish
– Rung spun combed cotton

Garment Certifications
The organic items offered through Fabrily have several certifications that are important to both campaigners and customers:


  • GOTS – Garment Production – Planet: The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. It defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well.
  • Fairwear Foundation – Garment Production – People: Affiliate membership is open to companies that produce their own sewn goods – clothing, bags, footwear, home textiles etc. By becoming an affiliate of Fair Wear Foundation, a company commits itself to implementing the Code of Labour Practices throughout its supply chain and being independently audited.
  • Oeko- Tex 100 Standard -Garment Production – People & Planet: The Oeko-Tex 100 Standard is a guarantee of the safety of textiles and dyestuffs to human health. It also means we take more care in adopting environmentally friendly production methods throughout the manufacturing

Eco-Friendly Ink & New Degradable Packaging
Eco-friendly ink will be used exclusively for printing on the new organic items as well. This water-based ink is formaldehyde free and is ideal for printing on light-colored garments.

We have also upgraded our packaging to degradable plastic bags. These new degradable bags are more-easily broken down by heat, moisture, and/or UV exposure. Eventually when degradable products are broken down into smaller molecules they are consumed by microorganisms (the same process biodegradable items go through – however degradable items take longer to breakdown). We chose to upgrade to degradable packaging because we wanted to offer a more eco-friendly packaging option that would also enable us to protect the garments from damage as they travel around the world to reach customers.

Listen to your customers!
Still not convinced eco-friendly is the way to go? Check out these fascinating facts about what consumers are saying!

  • More and more developed markets are seeing a rise in demand for products made using organically grown cotton fibre, especially the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and the US
  • The biggest markets for organic cotton are in Europe and the United States, where big retailers have shown interest to expand their existing organic cotton initiatives.
  • Most consumers actually find that organic cotton feels even softer than conventional cotton.
  • The demand for products made with 100% organic cotton is growing as a result of increasing environmental awareness and concern around the globe

For more information on Fabrily’s product options click here.


Get fit in 2015 with Fabrily’s New Performance Tees!


New Products at Fabrily: Unisex and Ladies’ Performance Tees
It’s a New Year and that means there are new opportunities at Fabrily! We’re rolling out some exciting new updates and products in 2015 to help campaigners achieve their best year yet! This week we are releasing our new Performance Tees – unisex shirts and ladies tees are available in a variety of colors. Ladies shirt sizes range from S – 2XL, unisex shirt sizes range from S – 3XL.

fitness tee 2   fitness tee

Performance Tees Product Properties:
These new products are perfect for working out and should be a popular item for fitness themed campaigns! Please keep in mind performance products cannot be combined with other standard and premium items in a campaign.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Polyester fabrics and fibres are extremely strong
  • Durable and resistant material – perfect for use during exercise
  • Hydrophobic properties help ensure quick-drying characteristics (wickability)
  • WRAP Certification (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production)

For more information on the current product options at Fabrily please visit this link.

Children’s Product Options at Fabrily

Wonderful news! Children’s clothing are now available at Fabrily! Fabrily’s product options now include hoodies and tees for children ages 5 – 13, and absolutely lovely baby onesies with sizes ranging from 3-6 months-old up to 18 – 24 months old.


Did you know that children’s clothing is VAT exempt in the EU and UK? This means for customers located in the EU/UK these items will cost less than adult clothing (VAT tax doesn’t apply to people located outside EU/UK). The children’s hoodies feature twin needle stitching detail, kangaroo pouch pocket, double fabric hood, no drawcords for the hood (safety precaution), ribbed cuff and hem. Our children’s unisex shirts are made with ring-spun cotton and feature twin-needle collars, sleeves, and hems. Both the children’s hoodies and shirts are ideal for kids ages 5 – 13. Our new baby onesies range from sizes for 3-6 months old up to 18 – 24 months old and are made using 100% combed and ring-spun cotton. For more details on these items and recommended selling prices please visit our product options blog post.

Launching Campaigns with Children’s Items
Want to feature children’s clothing in your next Fabrily campaign? Just sign in to your Fabrily account and select “start a campaign”. Once you’re in the Fabrily Teemaker choose the drop-down style menu shown below to select your item:

  1. You can select either children’s hoodies, shirts, or onesies!


Children’s hoodies and tees can be combined within the same campaign. Please review the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to use the TeeMaker.

Fabrily Product Options

We are always looking for new top-quality products to feature in campaigns! Finding eco-friendly and responsible suppliers is one of our top priorities; below you’ll find a list of the current products we offer along with a short description and recommended selling prices. Keep in mind each product offers a variety of different colour options.

All of our suppliers are either WRAP certified (Worldwide Responsibility Accredited Production) and/or  accredited by the Fair Labour Association.

Standard Products:
Our standard products are made of cotton. Our suppliers focus on using eco-friendly methods during item production; alternate sustainable energy sources and production processes, minimize water usage, practice energy conservation in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, recycle and take waste prevention measures at all stages of production cycle. Please note FOTL Standard Unisex T-shirts are also available in sizes S – 5XL in the TeeMaker in addition to the standard products visible below.

Recommend selling price standard products (including VAT): £12-£22 / €13-€23 / $14-$24

standard items

Our standard hoodies feature twin needle stitching detailing, double fabric hood, self coloured cords, Kangaroo pouch pocket, ribbed cuff and hem, soft cotton faced fabric ideal for printing designs.

Recommended selling price: £22-£34 / €23-€35 / $24-$38

Arctic White Front

NEW Performance Tees:
Performance tees are perfect for exercise and outdoor activity; they are made with 100% polyester which is a durable and resistant material. The tees also have hydrophobic properties which help ensure quick-drying characteristics (wickability).

Unisex and Ladies Performance Tees
Unisex  Performance Tees are available in sizes S – 3XL and Ladies Performance Tees are available in sizes S – 2XL.

Recommended selling price: £15-£26 / €16-€27 / $17-$29

Performance_male_front White_Performance_female_front

Children’s Products:
We are happy to announce the arrival of children’s products at Fabrily! Children’s clothing are VAT tax exempt for EU/UK campaigns and customers; our recommended selling prices listed below do not include VAT. The children’s unisex shirts and hoodies are ideal for kids ages 5 – 13.

Kids Hoodies
Kids hoodies feature twin needle stitching detail, kangaroo pouch pocket, double fabric hood, no drawcords for the hood, ribbed cuff and hem. Ideal for children ages 5 – 13.

Recommended selling price: £22-£25 / €26-€31 / $28-$35


Kids Unisex Shirts
Kids shirts are made with ring-spun cotton and feature twin-needle collars, sleeves, and hems. Ideal for children ages 5 – 13.

Recommended selling price: £10-£16 / €14-€19 / $15-$20


Baby Onesies
Baby onesies range from sizes for 3-6 months old up to 18 – 24 months old and are made using 100% combed and ring-spun cotton.

Recommended selling price: £13-£17 / €15-€19 / $18-$21


Premium Products:
The production process of our premium products creates minimal waste, reduces chemical use, and does not used forced labour during the production process.

NEW Premium Organic shirts (100% organic cotton)
Visit this link for more details on the new unisex & ladies organic shirts; sizes, colour options, eco-friendly ink, accreditations, etc.
Recommended selling price (all GBP/Euro prices include VAT) is: £17-£28 / €19-€29 / $20-$30

Organic_front - White Women-StellaLoves-white-front

Premium Unisex Shirts (combed & ring-spun cotton)
Recommended selling price (all GBP/Euro prices include VAT) is: £13-£24 / €14-€24 / $15-$26

White Front

Premium Zip-Up Hoodies (zoodies)
Recommended selling price Zoodie (all GBP/Euro prices include VAT) is: £22-£34 / €23-€35 / $25-$40


Other Products

iPhone Cases (4/4s & 5/5s)
Currently there are about 20 different color options to choose from for the design background. The design you select will be featured on the back of the iPhone case while the top, bottom, and sides will be either white or black depending on the color you choose for your campaign.

Recommended selling price: £10-£18 / € 11-€20 / $12-$22

White case:

Turquoise Front Ocean Blue Rear

Black case:

Turquoise Front Black Rear

To start your own Fabrily campaign click here to create a Fabrily account and gain access to the new TeeMaker.  If you’d like to launch a fundraising or awareness campaign and need help creating a design please email For campaign promotional tips on social media click here.

***Please note that zipped hoodies, organic shirts, performance shirts, kids hoodies, kids shirts, iPhone cases and baby onesies cannot be combined with other products and need to be featured in separate campaigns – individual items can feature up to 4 colour options.

***All of our standard items can be combined within one campaign (up to 4 different item styles) and each item can feature up to 4 colour options; Unisex shirts, S-5XL unisex shirts, tank tops, ladies tees, ladies v-necks, mens v-necks, full sleeve shirts, and hoodies. If you would like to launch multiple campaigns please visit this link for more information on our store feature.

iPhone cases are now available at Fabrily!


With millions of iPhones currently in use what better way is there for individuals and organizations to raise funds than with mobile accessories! Today the Fabrily Team is excited to announce that we have officially begun offering iPhone cases for campaigns!

What types of iPhone cases are available?
Your campaign supporters will be able to choose between ordering an iPhone 4/4s case or 5/5s case at checkout.

What are the color options?
Currently there are about 20 different color options to choose from for the design background. The design you select will be featured on the back of the iPhone case while the top, bottom, and sides will be either white or black depending on the color you choose for your campaign.

Here you can see if you select the black iPhone case the top, bottom, and sides will be black.
The same applies if you select the white iPhone case. 

What type of file should I submit for an iPhone campaign?
When submitting a campaign featuring an iPhone case, please try to submit a 1500x1500px PNG file with 300dpi.

How can I decrease the minimum cost?
One of the most exciting aspects of these cases is that there is no limit to the amount of colors you can use in your design; the minimum cost will not increase or decrease depending on the amount of colors in your design so feel free to let your creativity go wild!

If you have any more questions about featuring an iPhone case in your campaign please create an account on and send a campaign request; once the request is submitted we’ll be happy to answer any questions regarding your campaign. You can also refer to this blog post if you have any questions on the basics of how running a Fabrily campaign works or you can click here if you’d like to read about other product options.