Going Green in 2015: Introducing Fabrily’s New Organic Product Options

A new year means new opportunities at Fabrily and we’ve got some great things coming up in 2015! One of our first New Year’s resolutions to fulfill is offering “green” and eco-friendly product options for campaigners and customers. We’re excited to announce that 100% premium organic cotton clothing is now available at Fabrily. Even the ink used on the organic items is eco-friendly!


100% Organic Cotton Shirts
Our premium organic unisex and ladies shirts are supplied by Stanley & Stella, a pioneer in the imprint market who produce great quality clothing in a sustainable and ethical way. The organic unisex shirts feature a round neck and sizes range from S – 3XL. White, vintage white, natural, maize yellow, sky blue and opal colour options are available for the unisex shirts. Ladies shirts feature a scoop neck and range in size from S – 2XL . Colour options for the ladies shirts consist of white, natural, maize, sky blue, and opal. Both organic products can be featured within one campaign, however premium organic items cannot be featured in campaigns with other standard items.

Our 100% organic cotton shirts are sure to please with their great quality and eco-friendly production methods:

Sustainable Production
– Produced without chemicals or GMOs
– Improves soil fertility and biodiversity thanks to crop rotation
– Better control of water irrigation
– Long lasting fibres

Premium Quality
– Soft and strong fabric
– Ideal for printing
– Comfortable and stylish
– Rung spun combed cotton

Garment Certifications
The organic items offered through Fabrily have several certifications that are important to both campaigners and customers:


  • GOTS – Garment Production – Planet: The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. It defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well.
  • Fairwear Foundation – Garment Production – People: Affiliate membership is open to companies that produce their own sewn goods – clothing, bags, footwear, home textiles etc. By becoming an affiliate of Fair Wear Foundation, a company commits itself to implementing the Code of Labour Practices throughout its supply chain and being independently audited.
  • Oeko- Tex 100 Standard -Garment Production – People & Planet: The Oeko-Tex 100 Standard is a guarantee of the safety of textiles and dyestuffs to human health. It also means we take more care in adopting environmentally friendly production methods throughout the manufacturing

Eco-Friendly Ink & New Degradable Packaging
Eco-friendly ink will be used exclusively for printing on the new organic items as well. This water-based ink is formaldehyde free and is ideal for printing on light-colored garments.

We have also upgraded our packaging to degradable plastic bags. These new degradable bags are more-easily broken down by heat, moisture, and/or UV exposure. Eventually when degradable products are broken down into smaller molecules they are consumed by microorganisms (the same process biodegradable items go through – however degradable items take longer to breakdown). We chose to upgrade to degradable packaging because we wanted to offer a more eco-friendly packaging option that would also enable us to protect the garments from damage as they travel around the world to reach customers.

Listen to your customers!
Still not convinced eco-friendly is the way to go? Check out these fascinating facts about what consumers are saying!

  • More and more developed markets are seeing a rise in demand for products made using organically grown cotton fibre, especially the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and the US
  • The biggest markets for organic cotton are in Europe and the United States, where big retailers have shown interest to expand their existing organic cotton initiatives.
  • Most consumers actually find that organic cotton feels even softer than conventional cotton.
  • The demand for products made with 100% organic cotton is growing as a result of increasing environmental awareness and concern around the globe

For more information on Fabrily’s product options click here.



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