iPhone cases are now available at Fabrily!


With millions of iPhones currently in use what better way is there for individuals and organizations to raise funds than with mobile accessories! Today the Fabrily Team is excited to announce that we have officially begun offering iPhone cases for campaigns!

What types of iPhone cases are available?
Your campaign supporters will be able to choose between ordering an iPhone 4/4s case or 5/5s case at checkout.

What are the color options?
Currently there are about 20 different color options to choose from for the design background. The design you select will be featured on the back of the iPhone case while the top, bottom, and sides will be either white or black depending on the color you choose for your campaign.

Here you can see if you select the black iPhone case the top, bottom, and sides will be black.
The same applies if you select the white iPhone case. 

What type of file should I submit for an iPhone campaign?
When submitting a campaign featuring an iPhone case, please try to submit a 1500x1500px PNG file with 300dpi.

How can I decrease the minimum cost?
One of the most exciting aspects of these cases is that there is no limit to the amount of colors you can use in your design; the minimum cost will not increase or decrease depending on the amount of colors in your design so feel free to let your creativity go wild!

If you have any more questions about featuring an iPhone case in your campaign please create an account on Fabrily.com and send a campaign request; once the request is submitted we’ll be happy to answer any questions regarding your campaign. You can also refer to this blog post if you have any questions on the basics of how running a Fabrily campaign works or you can click here if you’d like to read about other product options.



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