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Fabcon 2015 Videos Are Out!


We know that everyone has been anxiously awaiting the Fabcon 2015 videos and the wait is now over! We have divided the recording into separate videos so that you can pick and choose the topics/presentations that are of most value to you. If you’re a complete newbie, we suggest you watch them all to get a full understanding of the process!

Adil Mohammed: Introduction

Matt Stefanik: Tee-shirt Boss Blueprint

Topics include:

  • Why you should be involved in this business
  • Pros and Cons to the business
  • Why people buy custom apparel
  • When & why tees don’t sell
  • Niche ideas
  • “Tee-Shirt Boss Blueprint”: Steps to running a successful campaign

Chris Blair: Advanced Targeting

Topics include:

  • The best mind-set for finding targetable audiences
  • Digging deep to find new audiences for successful designs before launching new ones
  • Getting specific with key words
  • Avoiding the competition by finding new targets (including his “Cheat Sheet” of where to find them)
  • Audience Insights—how to use it as a research tool and what to look for with affinity ratings
  • Organic traffic
  • Scaling out and up
  • Reverse targeting

Craig Roberts: Europe

Topics include:

  • Key European stats
  • Selling to Europeans: designs, pricing, seasonality, targeting
  • Niches that work in Europe
  • Success Stories
  • Fabrily stats: top garment styles, colours
  • How to get started

Ronnie McKenzie & Suhail Mahadevan: How We Sell Shirts In Europe

Topics include:

  • Pros & Cons of Selling in Europe
  • Niche Selection & Design
  • Ad Strategies for Europe
  • Engaging in the Sub-culture
  • Case study
  • Tracking Data
  • Retargeting
  • The European/Tee Checklist/Getting Started

Arjun Ohri: The Fanrock Story

Topics include:

  • How Fanrock started
  • The importance of the message
  • Testing messages & designs
  • Scaling out & up
  • Responding quickly to data
  • Concentric circles of targeting
  • How to optimise demographic targeting
  • PPE vs WC
  • Audience Intersect

Vince Tumbleson & Scott Boulis: Fireside Chat, Springing Into the Future

Topics include:

  • Where it all began
  • Teespring + Fabrily
  • Success stories
  • The must do’s: messaging buyers, retargeting, analytics, store fronts
  • Diversifying your media buying through Pinterest and Google

Panel Q&A

Are you ready to jump right into it?!



Campaigner Contest: French-Speaking Markets


Competition time! After last month’s English competition, now it’s time to focus on French! This month is all about the French-speaking markets! Sell as many items as you can to the French-speaking markets throughout the month of March and you may win one of our fabulous prizes…and bragging rights!


  1. Your campaigns must finish by March 31st to be in the running – winners will be announced on April 1st.
  2. Your campaign must be targeted towards French-speaking buyers (so that means France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Quebec, Morocco, and all other countries that we’ll post about on Facebook throughout the month of March).
  3. The campaign descriptions need to be written in French. Don’t hesitate to reach out to translations@fabrily.com for free translations.

The winners will be determined based on the total number of items sold across all your French-speaking campaigns.

1st Place: £1000

2nd Place: £500

3rd Place: £250

We have created some free templates to get you started! Click here to access them along with an infographic about France and various upcoming infographics about French-speaking countries which all include some great niche ideas.

Five Key Things We Learned At Fabcon 2015

Fabcon 2015 was an amazing opportunity to hear from experts in the industry, learn new tactics and strategies, and come together as a community. For those of you who couldn’t make it, here are a few interesting things we learned!

  1. Perseverance is the key to success.

Matt Stefanik and Chris Blair are successful internet marketers but even they had to start somewhere! Matt mentioned that when they got started, they lost on their first 17 campaigns. But, “persevere-one good winner can wipe out all those losses.” One way Chris finds those winners is by thinking outside the norm and targeting a range of potential buyers which he finds through forums, clubs, magazines, blogs, events, and much more! As he says, you need to “dig deep” to find a goldmine! But once you find those goldmines, you can extend the lifetime of successful designs!


Chris knows how to engage his audience–even physically!

  1. Europe is surprisingly similar to other markets.

Craig Roberts showed some examples of campaigns that you wouldn’t think could work in Europe, but they did! European buyers are just as interested in apparel that taps into their passions and personal interests! The only difference is that they prefer to purchase from a website in their own language and currency… Good thing Fabrily has that covered! He also showed us what oppurtunities the European market offers and gave the audience some insight knowledge into Fabrily.


  1. You need to engage in the sub-culture.

Ronnie McKenzie and Suhail Mahadevan know what it takes to make it big in Europe. First they pick a profitable niche that relates to a particular European sub-culture. Then they create engaging communities by delivering consistent content and interaction, along with campaigns that resonate with them. By building an interactive community, they’re able to build a solid foundation for selling apparel directly to the most passionate audiences!


  1. First test the message, then test the design.

Arjun Ohri had great advice and ideas about testing designs. He recommends that you ask your audience to vote on their favourite message, and then ask them to vote on different designs of that message. This is an easy way to test what is going to resonate with your audience and will save you time and money by avoiding the “duds.”

testdesign Ajun

  1. Diversify your media buying.

Vince Tumbleson and Scott Boulis had good advice to diversify your media buying with Pinterest and Google, for example.


This is just a snippet of what we learned at Fabcon 2015! Stay tuned because we recorded the whole event and we’ll make it available to everyone in the next 2 weeks!


Some more amazing news from Fabrily…

We’re excited to help you kick off 2015 the right way with a big announcement: We’re dropping prices across all products for a limited time!

As a special gift to all our sellers, we’re dropping base prices on tees by 30% and hoodies by 40% on average! The new pricing is implemented site wide, so you can get started on this new opportunity right away.

This is our way of saying thank you and showing our appreciation to all our sellers who are building businesses and raising funds with Fabrily.

So what does this promotion mean for you? Essentially you’ll be earning significantly more profit per sale, and who can’t get excited about that!


That’s not all the news we have either… here are a few other features we will release over the next week:

  1. Discount codes
  2. Cross sales
  3. Three new languages (Polish, Dutch & Swedish)
  4. Ability to add more colours per campaign
  5. Bonuses for campaigns that sell over 100 items

And we’ve got one other exciting announcement to make, one you’ve all been asking for: In the next few weeks we’ll be lowering the minimum goal from 10 to 5!

Hope you’re all as excited as we are. 2015 is going to be a huge year – here’s to living the EAT, SLEEP, SELL, REPEAT lifestyle!

Any questions? drop us an email at campaigns@fabrily.com.


Yes, we are totally serious! We’re opening a world-wide selfie contest for ALL Fabrily customers from March 1st to 27th. If you’ve ordered an item from fabrily.com send your “selfie” to social@fabrily.com and include your full name, shipping address, and a quote about why you like your item! If you purchased an item from a Fabrily campaign to support a special cause, community, artists, company, etc. be sure to let us know so we can mention them in the photo caption!

Contest Rules:

  1. You must be wearing an item purchased from a Fabrily campaign
  2. Please use appropriate photos and language in your quotes – any quotes featuring curse words or offensive photos will not be admitted to the contest
  3. Only “likes” made within the Fabrily Fan of the Month photo album on Facebook will be counted for the contest
  4. Photos can be submitted until March 25th

contest flyer

Once we’ve added your photo to March’s Fabrily Fan of the Month album, be sure to get all your friends and family to “like” your photo. If your selfie gets the most “likes” by March 27th you’ll win some free Fabrily apparel and an Amazon gift card worth £100 (the gift card amount will be awarded in your local currency if you’re located outside the UK) or you can choose to have the funds donated to a special cause. It’s that easy!

February’s Fabrily Fan of the Month!
Thank you everyone who voted on their favorite selfie for February’s Fabrily Fan of the Month contest! Congratulations to Kate and Pumba on their fab-rilous selfie! Honorable mentions go out to Allison & Sergio as well as Alberto & Gae for second and third place.