Fabcon 2015 Videos Are Out!


We know that everyone has been anxiously awaiting the Fabcon 2015 videos and the wait is now over! We have divided the recording into separate videos so that you can pick and choose the topics/presentations that are of most value to you. If you’re a complete newbie, we suggest you watch them all to get a full understanding of the process!

Adil Mohammed: Introduction

Matt Stefanik: Tee-shirt Boss Blueprint

Topics include:

  • Why you should be involved in this business
  • Pros and Cons to the business
  • Why people buy custom apparel
  • When & why tees don’t sell
  • Niche ideas
  • “Tee-Shirt Boss Blueprint”: Steps to running a successful campaign

Chris Blair: Advanced Targeting

Topics include:

  • The best mind-set for finding targetable audiences
  • Digging deep to find new audiences for successful designs before launching new ones
  • Getting specific with key words
  • Avoiding the competition by finding new targets (including his “Cheat Sheet” of where to find them)
  • Audience Insights—how to use it as a research tool and what to look for with affinity ratings
  • Organic traffic
  • Scaling out and up
  • Reverse targeting

Craig Roberts: Europe

Topics include:

  • Key European stats
  • Selling to Europeans: designs, pricing, seasonality, targeting
  • Niches that work in Europe
  • Success Stories
  • Fabrily stats: top garment styles, colours
  • How to get started

Ronnie McKenzie & Suhail Mahadevan: How We Sell Shirts In Europe

Topics include:

  • Pros & Cons of Selling in Europe
  • Niche Selection & Design
  • Ad Strategies for Europe
  • Engaging in the Sub-culture
  • Case study
  • Tracking Data
  • Retargeting
  • The European/Tee Checklist/Getting Started

Arjun Ohri: The Fanrock Story

Topics include:

  • How Fanrock started
  • The importance of the message
  • Testing messages & designs
  • Scaling out & up
  • Responding quickly to data
  • Concentric circles of targeting
  • How to optimise demographic targeting
  • PPE vs WC
  • Audience Intersect

Vince Tumbleson & Scott Boulis: Fireside Chat, Springing Into the Future

Topics include:

  • Where it all began
  • Teespring + Fabrily
  • Success stories
  • The must do’s: messaging buyers, retargeting, analytics, store fronts
  • Diversifying your media buying through Pinterest and Google

Panel Q&A

Are you ready to jump right into it?!



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