Campaigner Contest: French-Speaking Markets


Competition time! After last month’s English competition, now it’s time to focus on French! This month is all about the French-speaking markets! Sell as many items as you can to the French-speaking markets throughout the month of March and you may win one of our fabulous prizes…and bragging rights!


  1. Your campaigns must finish by March 31st to be in the running – winners will be announced on April 1st.
  2. Your campaign must be targeted towards French-speaking buyers (so that means France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Quebec, Morocco, and all other countries that we’ll post about on Facebook throughout the month of March).
  3. The campaign descriptions need to be written in French. Don’t hesitate to reach out to for free translations.

The winners will be determined based on the total number of items sold across all your French-speaking campaigns.

1st Place: £1000

2nd Place: £500

3rd Place: £250

We have created some free templates to get you started! Click here to access them along with an infographic about France and various upcoming infographics about French-speaking countries which all include some great niche ideas.


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