Some more amazing news from Fabrily…

We’re excited to help you kick off 2015 the right way with a big announcement: We’re dropping prices across all products for a limited time!

As a special gift to all our sellers, we’re dropping base prices on tees by 30% and hoodies by 40% on average! The new pricing is implemented site wide, so you can get started on this new opportunity right away.

This is our way of saying thank you and showing our appreciation to all our sellers who are building businesses and raising funds with Fabrily.

So what does this promotion mean for you? Essentially you’ll be earning significantly more profit per sale, and who can’t get excited about that!


That’s not all the news we have either… here are a few other features we will release over the next week:

  1. Discount codes
  2. Cross sales
  3. Three new languages (Polish, Dutch & Swedish)
  4. Ability to add more colours per campaign
  5. Bonuses for campaigns that sell over 100 items

And we’ve got one other exciting announcement to make, one you’ve all been asking for: In the next few weeks we’ll be lowering the minimum goal from 10 to 5!

Hope you’re all as excited as we are. 2015 is going to be a huge year – here’s to living the EAT, SLEEP, SELL, REPEAT lifestyle!

Any questions? drop us an email at



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