Maximize Profits and Minimize Costs: Creating a Fabrily Campaign


We have a lot of people asking about production cost of t-shirts and how they can maximize the profits generated by their campaign. We decided to dedicate a blog post to this topic and answer some of those frequently asked questions!

How does Fabrily work?

Fabrily is an great tool for raising funds or making money through crowd-funded t-shirts. So how does it work…

  1. We work with you to create a design for your campaign and determine the minimum cost (minimum cost = production cost + small Fabrily fee)
  2. Then we determine the selling price by adding the profit you want to the minimum cost (ex. min cost $10, selling price is $15, you earn $5 per shirt), set the selling goal (number of shirts you want to sell), and launch the campaign
  3. You promote the campaign to your friends, family, and/or supporters by sharing the campaign link through social media, mailing lists, etc.
  4. Once the campaign is over and has successfully reached its goal we charge customers for their orders, print their shirts, and mail them off — and the profits go directly to you or any organization you choose (if you’re donating profits)

That’s it! 🙂 We handle the production and shipping, you handle the promotion and get the profits!

How can I minimize the production cost of my product and maximize profit?

  • The minimum cost will be lower if you print the design on only one side of the T-shirt/Hoodie . If you want a design printed on the front and back of a shirt it will raise the minimum cost. This also goes for printing on the sleeves.
  • Limit your design to as few colors as possible as the more colors a design has the more costly it will be to print.
  • Gildan brand products are the most affordable and are of great quality (for more on product options click here)
  • The higher your selling goal is the lower the minimum cost will be – however you have to make sure you will be able to reach your selling goal; if you are confident you can sell 20 shirts then set your goal at 20. If you choose a very high goal and are unable to reach it by the end of the campaign then none of your shirts will be printed – so make sure to go with your gut and choose an accurate selling goal!

What is the best price range for my campaign?

  • For t-shirts and tank tops we recommend keeping the selling price around £12 – £15  GBP or $15 – $25 USD – if your item is overpriced it may dissuade people from making a purchase
  • For hoodies we recommend keeping the selling price between $30 – $40 USD or  £ 20 – £ 25 GBP
  • For iPhone cases we recommend setting the selling price around £12.99 GBP (including VAT) or $18 USD

What’s the best type of file to use when submitting a campaign?

  • The ideal image file for you to send along with your campaign request is a high-resolution PNG file (300dpi, 3000 x 3000 px) – with a transparent background. This is because we will place this image on top of the shirt/hoodie in order to create the real-life mockup of the appearance the finished product will have.
  • If you don’t have a design don’t worry – we can help you create one! Just tell us the kind of design you have in mind and send any images that could help give us an idea of the overall image you’re going for.

How can I submit a campaign?

  • Submitting a campaign is super easy. Just register yourself on the Fabrily sign-in page and submit a campaign request. If you’re not sure about what your prices or goal should be don’t worry, we’re here to help you throughout the whole process! As soon as you submit a campaign request a member of the Fabrily team will be in touch to help you with the designs, adjust prices, and answer any questions you may have!

Still have questions? You can find a ton of information on our FAQ page; if you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for you can always send us an email at



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