Campaign Promotion: Instagram

How to use Instagram to promote your campaign

Instagram is more than just a simple mobile application…it’s grown into one of the world’s largest social networking platforms and it’s a great tool for promoting your Fabrily campaign! You can use Instagram to upload, edit, and share photos as well as connect with other Instagram users. Using hasthtags can be a great way to boost exposure for your campaign too. One of the best aspects of this promotional tool is that it is completely free to use – we’ve got some great tips and examples thanks to Chantell – a new Fabrily campaigner who’s had great success fundraising for her dog Lola – click here to read about Chantell and Lola’s story and continue reading below for tips on how to use Instagram to promote your campaign!

1. Always include campaign link URL so people know where they can go to support your campaign. Do you see how she’s written in her post below?


2. Always include relevant hashtags when you post a photo! Hashtags are a great way to get more campaign page views! You can attract more followers, likes, and comments to your photos by adding as many relevant hashtags as possible. Include these hashtags in your photo description while uploading an image; some examples of hashtags would be: #fabtees, #fabrily, #fundraiser, #campaign, #animalrights, etc. Here is an example of how Chantell utilized hashtags in a photo she shared to promote her current campaign:


3. Encourage your campaign supporters, family, and friends to post selfies of themselves in the items they’ve purchased from your campaign. This is a great way to get people excited about purchasing their own item if you plan to run another fundraiser. See our Post Campaign Promotion blog post for more tips on what to do once your campaign ends!

lola254. Share Instagram photos through your other social media accounts too. Instagram lets you do this automatically whenever you upload a photo – all you have to do is sync your Twitter and Facebook accounts with your Instagram account and you can automatically share your photo through those channels too – talk about extra exposure with no extra work!

5. Ask questions about your campaign to encourage interaction and engagement with your followers. You can ask your supporters, “Who’s ordered their limited edition shirt?!” for example.

6. Create a unique hashtag and give your supporters a hub to share photos using or wearing your products. This will make it easier for you to find content to share too! An example of this would be the hashtag #isupportlolaslegs which Chantell created for Instagram and Twitter (click on the link to see all the different people who have used this hashtag too).

7. Share photos of your supporters and interact with them. Make sure thank everyone too – campaign supporters are very important to the success of your campaign!


So there you have seven quick tips for promoting your campaign on Instagram! For more promotional tips please visit our Fundraising and Success Stories page – you will find promotional tips for Facebook and Twitter towards the bottom of the page. Good luck with your campaign and if you need assistance please contact



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