Fabrily’s Social Media Gift to you for 2015 (courtesy of Social Misfits Media and JustGiving)


Hi everyone,

So the new year has begun, and it’s back to the grind (boo! #kiddingnotkidding). We here at Fabrily are super excited about all that 2015 has to bring, and so we want to celebrate by offering you this generous guide fundraising on social media.

One of our team met with Social Misfits Media late last year and discussed this great text, written by the clever boffins at Social Misfits Media and JustGiving.

They generously agreed to let us share it with you, our treasured nonprofit campaigners. The guide provides useful case studies, interviews and examples designed to make nonprofits think more broadly about using social media to fundraise. There’s something in it for organisations of all sizes, so definitely have a gander and let us know what you think!

The guide features four case studies, each demonstrating best practice within the field. Just some of the takeaways from the guide include:

  • A quarter of all philanthropic donations in the UK came directly from websites, social media and apps.
  • The Rotary Global Swimathon shows that it pays to have a simple message, tangible ask and a common goal.
  • The Child’s i Foundation successfully leveraged the power of their donors existing networks.
  • Cancer Research UK capitalised on the momentum of their campaign by sharing successes in real time.
  • Cistic Fibrosis Ireland demonstrate how with few resources they are able to thank their donors in a highly personal fashion.
  • Over 654 million people around the world use Facebook every day, so campaigns that use mobile giving can have fantastic reach on social media.

We hope you enjoy the guide and find it useful.

Happy Campaigning!

social media fundraising guide

Friends with Money – a guide to #fundraising on #socialmedia

Psst!- with this kind of knowledge in your arsenal, now’s the perfect time to start a campaign! If you still need help, no problem! Why not visit our promotional tips page?


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