Post-Campaign Promotion: what to do once your Fabrily campaign ends

Many people don’t realize just how important post-campaign promotion is. If you’ve launched a successful Fabrily campaign chances are you’ll launch another one! So what is the secret to boosting sales for your next campaign? Selfies! Yes you heard us correctly…”selfies” are a great way to keep buzz going about your previous campaign and create social proof to reassure uncertain customers about the quality of items you’ll offer in future campaigns.

How does social proof work?

Imagine a satisfied customer from your campaign shares a “selfie” on your Facebook page with their new item. They include a comment about how much they like their new item and how great it is…if someone was uncertain about purchasing an item from your previous campaign, now that they see their peer is satisfied with their purchase, the uncertain customer is more likely to purchase an item from your next campaign…see how this works?

SharkAid International shared a Facebook post with their followers asking them to submit a photo once they received their shirts.

By encouraging supporters to share selfies you achieve several things:

  1. You add credibility to your campaign and encourage creation of social proof to persuade uncertain customers to purchase (other followers will see that their peers purchased an item and are happy with the product – this makes them more likely to purchase a shirt if you run another campaign in the future)
  2. Your followers create and share digital content (user generated content) about your organization on social media which boosts your organization’s exposure and reach online
  3. You can also use these photos/content for your own website, newsletters, etc.
  4. The extra exposure and interest in your campaign items can help you sell more the next time you launch a campaign!


Bat Conservation Trust took advantage of the interest in their supporter’s selfies to share their re-launched campaign!

The Bikepsyche Facebook group created an album to share their pictures with fellow page fans

The Bikepsyche Facebook group created an album to share their pictures with fellow page fans and promote their latest campaigns. They’ve sold hundreds of shirts to date! 😉

We have created a special Facebook album”My Fabrily #FabTees” for campaign supporters – we encourage all of our non-profits and other groups to share these photos with us and have them added to the album; this will give your group even more exposure via Fabrily’s social media pages.

We’re also running a “Fabrily Fan of the Month” selfie contest this March which presents a great opportunity for you to gain more exposure for you website and social media accounts as well as grant your supporters the chance to win some fab prizes!

contest flyer

For more promotional tips visit our Free Promotional Tips page



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