Promoting for Success: Spotlight on Bat Conservation Trust’s Fundraiser (VIDEO)

From start to finish Bat Conservation Trust’s fundraising and promotional efforts were spot on! They followed the Fabrily promotions guides for Facebook, Twitter, and Post-Campaign perfectly and the results were quite impressive! Below we’ve highlighted several of the promotional methods BCT used with specific examples for you. The steps are quite simple, but when followed correctly they can be the key to having a (or many) successful campaign.

During campaign:

  1. Write the perfect campaign description
  2. Share campaign via Facebook and Twitter (and newsletter, blog, etc. when possible)
  3. Encourage supporters to share your campaign & thank them for their support!

After campaign ends:

  1. Ask supporters to send in photos of their new items (selfies!)
  2. Create a photo album where these photos can be shared
  3. Re-launch your campaign!

Check out the video below where Fabrily Campaign Manager Kate goes over specific examples of putting these promotional methods into practice:


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