Christmas is coming early! New tech updates that are sure to please!

To help you capitalize on the peak of online shopping season we’ve just released some great new tech updates!

Customer Request Notification for Campaigners
Ever notice the “inform me if this campaign is run again” button on campaigns that have ended?


In the past, customers were able to click this button if they wanted to be notified if a campaign ran again. The Fabrily team was able to send out individual emails to each of these customers to notify them if a campaign ran again; however with the new tech update YOU (the campaigner) will be notified when 5 or more customers select this button. This will be a very useful feature because you’ll be able to know which designs/campaigns your customers are still interested in purchasing.

Customer Notification Email for Re-launched Campaigns
This is another new feature both campaigners and customers will love! When you re-launch a campaign for which a customer has selected “inform me if this campaign is run again” – that customer will receive a notification email as soon as the campaign is re-launched to let them know the items are available for order. These notification emails will be sent in each customer’s chosen language too!

iPad Optimization
We’ve also improved for use on iPads and tablets; customers will have an even better experience on the Fabrily homepage, campaign page, checkout page, and order confirmation page. We’ve also improved some of the pages in your campaigner dashboard so campaigns are easier to monitor on mobile devices too!

image (1)       image

Store Tracking Codes & Universal Tracking Codes   
These two updates are mainly for our Internet Marketers; we’ve just made our new campaign stores even better because now you can add retargeting and GA codes to your campaign stores! You’ll notice the new “Tracking Codes” link visible on each of your campaign stores listed in the “My Stores” section of your Fabrily account.


We also wanted to make it possible for campaigners to apply just three tracking codes for all of your campaigns; if you enter a universal code it will activate for ALL campaigns and stores that don’t already have existing codes. Now you never have to enter a another tracking code again – think of all that extra time you’ll save! You can enter your 3 universal codes within the “My Account” section of your campaigner dashboard.

universal tracking

If you prefer to use an individual code you can simply enter the code on an individual store/campaign – individual codes will supersede all universal codes.



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