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How to advertise on Facebook: Call-To-Action

What is the first thing you see when you visit a Facebook page? Usually it’s the cover image and the buttons featured at the top of the page. You should take advantage of this viewpoint by changing your cover image to a promo image to ensure your campaign gets the most online impressions possible. Another promotional tool you can use is Facebook’s new call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

shop now

Here is an example of the visible buttons on your Facebook page, notice the CTA “Shop Now” next to the “like” button.

Why use a call-to-action?
CTAs are used in marketing to provoke an immediate response or action; they can be an effective tool for increasing conversions (in our case, conversions would be selling campaign items) because they clearly indicate to your audience what you want them to do. Using a CTA button like “shop now” tells your audience exactly what you want them to do…go shopping!

There are a variety of different call-to-actions available for Facebook pages including:

  • Shop Now
  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

For Fabrily campaign purposes “shop now” will be the CTA of choice; by selecting this CTA you can encourage Facebook followers to purchase an item from your campaign.

How to create a Call-to-Action on Facebook
Creating a CTA on Facebook is very easy can be done in just a few minutes.

Step 1: Select the “Create Call-to-Action” on your Facebook Page

FB store 1

Step 2: Select what type of CTA button you want to use. We will select the “shop now” button because we want people to purchase an item from our Fabrily campaign

call to action store

Step 3: Enter your campaign URL (or campaign store URL) for the “Website” link


Step 4: Select “website” as the destination for iOS and Android mobile users (so they are taken to your campaign page when they click the “shop now” link). Make sure “website” is selected for iOS devices and click the “next” button on the bottom of the page. Do the same for Android devices and select the “create” button on the bottom of the page.


That’s it! You’ve now got a visible “shop now” CTA on your Facebook page. You should test the CTA  to make sure it works by clicking on the “Shop Now” button and selecting “Go to link”; this action should bring you to your Fabrily campaign page. You can monitor how many people are clicking on your CTA using the display menu on the right side of the screen where it reads “THIS WEEK”:


Visit our Free Promotional Tips page for more info on sale-boosting campaign descriptions, post-campaign promotion and more! We’ll be exploring more Facebook store options so check the free promo tips page for more content!

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How to advertise on Facebook: Boosted Post Facebook Ad

FB ad

This is what a “boosted post” will look like on your target audience’s News Feed.

There are a lot of different ways you can advertise a campaign on Facebook. In this post we’ll discuss one particular type of Facebook ad; the Boosted Post. This type of ad is a real eye-catcher as it appears in people’s News Feeds front and centre (as shown above).

We know many of you are cringing at the thought of trying to set up a Facebook ad, but we promise it’s not that hard, in fact the Boosted Post is one of the easiest ads to set up in our opinion. There are a few simple steps involved that we’ll cover below, you can refer to our infographic shown on the bottom of the page for a visual guide on the set-up process.

Keep in mind this type of Facebook ad is ideal for use on Facebook pages; so for example this ad could be used by a charity with a FB page, an artist or band with a fan page, or an online community (example Bikepsyche’s Facebook page is an online community for sports bike enthusiasts). You can’t boost a post from your personal Facebook profile so you’ll need to create a Facebook page if you don’t already have one.

How to create a Boosted Post

1. Choose a post to promote
In our case, choosing a post won’t be difficult. We want to promote our Fabrily campaign, so the first thing you need to do is post on your Facebook page about the campaign. Here’s an example of an ideal post to promote:

bride fb ad

Why is this post ideal? First of all, it includes a link to our campaign page (when you paste a campaign URL in a post it should generate a preview of the campaign page on Fabrily.com). Here we’ve uploaded a custom promo image for the campaign page preview. Also, notice the call to action we’ve included in the post, “reserve your item now” is a simple and direct CTA.

2. Choose your target audience 
Be sure to use your ad to target people who you think would be interested in purchasing an item from your campaign; it may be best to target people who are already following your Facebook page because you know they’re interested in your content. If you don’t want to waste ad money targeting your followers’ friends (so that the post will only target your current followers) you can go to your Ads Manager and turn off the segment of the ad that targets friends of followers. You can also use a boosted post to attract new followers to your Facebook page – just select the “people you choose through targeting” option and create your target audience based on age, location, interests, etc.

3. Set your budget 
Spending more money on your Facebook advertisement can ensure that more people will see your post…however, keep in mind more impressions does not always equal more conversions (purchases). Be smart about setting your total budget and decide the maximum amount of funds you want to spend on the ad. If you target your audience correctly you can increase your campaign sales substantially!

 Click to the image and zoom to enlarge this step-by-step guide on creating a Boosted Post:

boost FB post 

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Campaigner Spotlight–Jamie Corcoran

photo (2)

Jamie Corcoran is a campaigner from Berkshire, UK who has been selling on Fabrily since September 2014. He currently sells custom apparel part time in the evenings and weekends with his wife while also running a small construction business. He hopes to make this his main income stream because he finds it a lot more fun and less stressful! 

How/why did you get into selling custom apparel online?
I got into the t-shirt business by accident really. After dabbling with the idea of internet marketing for a few months without doing anything about it, I subscribed to a few mailing lists and I received an email in May 2014 with the headline “guy makes $250k in 3 months selling t-shirts on Facebook”. My instant reaction was “yeah right” but like all newbies I still bought the course! Then began researching all I could on the subject…

What were the biggest challenges you faced when you started?
Like the majority of people we first tried selling into the U.S where competition is much greater and the audience is much more accustomed to seeing t-shirts in their Facebook newsfeed. We only tipped one campaign (at a loss) out of about 25 but the experience it provided was worth it.

How did you overcome those challenges?
We didn’t let the setbacks faze us and just carried on researching, launching more failed campaigns and joined a load of t-shirt related Facebook groups. I also invested a small amount into a few t-shirt courses which did help, although the experience of actually being pro-active proved to be the best teacher.

What has been your experience so far selling in Europe?
Our turning point came when we discovered Fabrily in September 2014. Our first campaign that we launched was aimed towards the U.K and sold 4 on its first day which was a personal best at the time (although it didn’t sell any more). That got our attention and we thought we’d try a foreign language campaign.

We launched a campaign aimed at Germany on a Saturday afternoon and by the Sunday morning it had sold 6! It went on to sell another 15 that day which was amazing to us and we quickly capitalized on it by launching 4 more similar campaigns within the same niche. By the end of the week the first 5 campaigns that we’d ever launched into foreign language markets finished on 91, 62, 51, 47, and 33 sales, we were quite excited to say the least!

From that week onwards it’s been an upward curve, apart from the odd up and down moment as we test new things and try out new niches.

We managed to sell as much in January as we did in October, November and December combined and we’ve already beaten January’s number in the first 2 weeks of February! Thanks to the guys at Fabrily we’ve managed this without being able to speak a word of the language (although I’m starting to pick a few words up now)!

What advice would you give to new internet marketers on Fabrily?
The biggest piece of advice I can offer for people starting out is the old cliché of never giving up. It took 3 months before I had any success and there were plenty of times I could’ve given up and tried something else, but I think the reason I’ve started getting results is that I’ve focused on this, and this only during that time.

With regards to actual campaigns, make sure you re-launch successful campaigns, this has played a big part in my recent success and if you aren’t re-launching then you’re leaving money on the table. I’ve got campaigns that are on their fourth run that are still selling consistently today.

How has this business changed your life?
It’s changed our life in a number of ways, I can’t go into a clothes shop now without taking pictures of the t-shirts I like, which attracts a few stares and embarrasses my children! On a more serious note it’s enabled me to have more and more time at home with my family and as I look to scale it up even more it should be able to give me the freedom to spend even more time with them and enjoy a lifestyle that’s much more rewarding!!

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Christmas is coming early! New tech updates that are sure to please!

To help you capitalize on the peak of online shopping season we’ve just released some great new tech updates!

Customer Request Notification for Campaigners
Ever notice the “inform me if this campaign is run again” button on campaigns that have ended?


In the past, customers were able to click this button if they wanted to be notified if a campaign ran again. The Fabrily team was able to send out individual emails to each of these customers to notify them if a campaign ran again; however with the new tech update YOU (the campaigner) will be notified when 5 or more customers select this button. This will be a very useful feature because you’ll be able to know which designs/campaigns your customers are still interested in purchasing.

Customer Notification Email for Re-launched Campaigns
This is another new feature both campaigners and customers will love! When you re-launch a campaign for which a customer has selected “inform me if this campaign is run again” – that customer will receive a notification email as soon as the campaign is re-launched to let them know the items are available for order. These notification emails will be sent in each customer’s chosen language too!

iPad Optimization
We’ve also improved Fabrily.com for use on iPads and tablets; customers will have an even better experience on the Fabrily homepage, campaign page, checkout page, and order confirmation page. We’ve also improved some of the pages in your campaigner dashboard so campaigns are easier to monitor on mobile devices too!

image (1)       image

Store Tracking Codes & Universal Tracking Codes   
These two updates are mainly for our Internet Marketers; we’ve just made our new campaign stores even better because now you can add retargeting and GA codes to your campaign stores! You’ll notice the new “Tracking Codes” link visible on each of your campaign stores listed in the “My Stores” section of your Fabrily account.


We also wanted to make it possible for campaigners to apply just three tracking codes for all of your campaigns; if you enter a universal code it will activate for ALL campaigns and stores that don’t already have existing codes. Now you never have to enter a another tracking code again – think of all that extra time you’ll save! You can enter your 3 universal codes within the “My Account” section of your campaigner dashboard.

universal tracking

If you prefer to use an individual code you can simply enter the code on an individual store/campaign – individual codes will supersede all universal codes.


Campaigner Competition: Fabrily’s German TeeFest


It was great fun seeing you guys tackle the Italian market last month and do so well! This month the challenge is to tackle the German-speaking markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, & Luxembourg.


  1. Your campaigns must finish by September 28th to be in the running.
  2. Campaign descriptions MUST be in German (this will improve conversions!). Please email translations@fabrily.com for free German translations.
  3. The title of the campaign and any text in the design do not have to be in German, it just has to be targeted towards the German-speaking market.


Winners will be based on the total number of items sold across all your German campaigns–so don’t be afraid to experiment with multiple campaigns!

  • 1st Place: £100 Amazon voucher
  • 2nd Place: £50 Amazon voucher
  • 3rd Place: £25 Amazon voucher

We have created some design templates to get your creative juices flowing. Feel free to download them and edit them to your liking! Click here to access these templates, an infographic on the German-speaking market, and common English-German translations!

Grumpy German ExampleLederhosen Example

Viel Glück!