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How to advertise on Facebook: Boosted Post Facebook Ad

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This is what a “boosted post” will look like on your target audience’s News Feed.

There are a lot of different ways you can advertise a campaign on Facebook. In this post we’ll discuss one particular type of Facebook ad; the Boosted Post. This type of ad is a real eye-catcher as it appears in people’s News Feeds front and centre (as shown above).

We know many of you are cringing at the thought of trying to set up a Facebook ad, but we promise it’s not that hard, in fact the Boosted Post is one of the easiest ads to set up in our opinion. There are a few simple steps involved that we’ll cover below, you can refer to our infographic shown on the bottom of the page for a visual guide on the set-up process.

Keep in mind this type of Facebook ad is ideal for use on Facebook pages; so for example this ad could be used by a charity with a FB page, an artist or band with a fan page, or an online community (example Bikepsyche’s Facebook page is an online community for sports bike enthusiasts). You can’t boost a post from your personal Facebook profile so you’ll need to create a Facebook page if you don’t already have one.

How to create a Boosted Post

1. Choose a post to promote
In our case, choosing a post won’t be difficult. We want to promote our Fabrily campaign, so the first thing you need to do is post on your Facebook page about the campaign. Here’s an example of an ideal post to promote:

bride fb ad

Why is this post ideal? First of all, it includes a link to our campaign page (when you paste a campaign URL in a post it should generate a preview of the campaign page on Fabrily.com). Here we’ve uploaded a custom promo image for the campaign page preview. Also, notice the call to action we’ve included in the post, “reserve your item now” is a simple and direct CTA.

2. Choose your target audience 
Be sure to use your ad to target people who you think would be interested in purchasing an item from your campaign; it may be best to target people who are already following your Facebook page because you know they’re interested in your content. If you don’t want to waste ad money targeting your followers’ friends (so that the post will only target your current followers) you can go to your Ads Manager and turn off the segment of the ad that targets friends of followers. You can also use a boosted post to attract new followers to your Facebook page – just select the “people you choose through targeting” option and create your target audience based on age, location, interests, etc.

3. Set your budget 
Spending more money on your Facebook advertisement can ensure that more people will see your post…however, keep in mind more impressions does not always equal more conversions (purchases). Be smart about setting your total budget and decide the maximum amount of funds you want to spend on the ad. If you target your audience correctly you can increase your campaign sales substantially!

 Click to the image and zoom to enlarge this step-by-step guide on creating a Boosted Post:

boost FB post 

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