Campaigner Competition: Fabrily’s German TeeFest


It was great fun seeing you guys tackle the Italian market last month and do so well! This month the challenge is to tackle the German-speaking markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, & Luxembourg.


  1. Your campaigns must finish by September 28th to be in the running.
  2. Campaign descriptions MUST be in German (this will improve conversions!). Please email for free German translations.
  3. The title of the campaign and any text in the design do not have to be in German, it just has to be targeted towards the German-speaking market.


Winners will be based on the total number of items sold across all your German campaigns–so don’t be afraid to experiment with multiple campaigns!

  • 1st Place: £100 Amazon voucher
  • 2nd Place: £50 Amazon voucher
  • 3rd Place: £25 Amazon voucher

We have created some design templates to get your creative juices flowing. Feel free to download them and edit them to your liking! Click here to access these templates, an infographic on the German-speaking market, and common English-German translations!

Grumpy German ExampleLederhosen Example

Viel Glück!


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