Campaigner Spotlight–Jamie Corcoran

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Jamie Corcoran is a campaigner from Berkshire, UK who has been selling on Fabrily since September 2014. He currently sells custom apparel part time in the evenings and weekends with his wife while also running a small construction business. He hopes to make this his main income stream because he finds it a lot more fun and less stressful! 

How/why did you get into selling custom apparel online?
I got into the t-shirt business by accident really. After dabbling with the idea of internet marketing for a few months without doing anything about it, I subscribed to a few mailing lists and I received an email in May 2014 with the headline “guy makes $250k in 3 months selling t-shirts on Facebook”. My instant reaction was “yeah right” but like all newbies I still bought the course! Then began researching all I could on the subject…

What were the biggest challenges you faced when you started?
Like the majority of people we first tried selling into the U.S where competition is much greater and the audience is much more accustomed to seeing t-shirts in their Facebook newsfeed. We only tipped one campaign (at a loss) out of about 25 but the experience it provided was worth it.

How did you overcome those challenges?
We didn’t let the setbacks faze us and just carried on researching, launching more failed campaigns and joined a load of t-shirt related Facebook groups. I also invested a small amount into a few t-shirt courses which did help, although the experience of actually being pro-active proved to be the best teacher.

What has been your experience so far selling in Europe?
Our turning point came when we discovered Fabrily in September 2014. Our first campaign that we launched was aimed towards the U.K and sold 4 on its first day which was a personal best at the time (although it didn’t sell any more). That got our attention and we thought we’d try a foreign language campaign.

We launched a campaign aimed at Germany on a Saturday afternoon and by the Sunday morning it had sold 6! It went on to sell another 15 that day which was amazing to us and we quickly capitalized on it by launching 4 more similar campaigns within the same niche. By the end of the week the first 5 campaigns that we’d ever launched into foreign language markets finished on 91, 62, 51, 47, and 33 sales, we were quite excited to say the least!

From that week onwards it’s been an upward curve, apart from the odd up and down moment as we test new things and try out new niches.

We managed to sell as much in January as we did in October, November and December combined and we’ve already beaten January’s number in the first 2 weeks of February! Thanks to the guys at Fabrily we’ve managed this without being able to speak a word of the language (although I’m starting to pick a few words up now)!

What advice would you give to new internet marketers on Fabrily?
The biggest piece of advice I can offer for people starting out is the old cliché of never giving up. It took 3 months before I had any success and there were plenty of times I could’ve given up and tried something else, but I think the reason I’ve started getting results is that I’ve focused on this, and this only during that time.

With regards to actual campaigns, make sure you re-launch successful campaigns, this has played a big part in my recent success and if you aren’t re-launching then you’re leaving money on the table. I’ve got campaigns that are on their fourth run that are still selling consistently today.

How has this business changed your life?
It’s changed our life in a number of ways, I can’t go into a clothes shop now without taking pictures of the t-shirts I like, which attracts a few stares and embarrasses my children! On a more serious note it’s enabled me to have more and more time at home with my family and as I look to scale it up even more it should be able to give me the freedom to spend even more time with them and enjoy a lifestyle that’s much more rewarding!!

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New Features at Fabrily: Discount Codes, Cross Sells, Bigger Bonuses, and More!

As promised, we have just released a bunch of awesome new features! Combined with our price discount of 30% off tees and 40% off hoodies, nothing can stop you now!

Discount Codes
You can now offer buyers a discount on their purchase! Discount codes have increased conversions significantly in testing and will undoubtedly increase your sales. To create a discount, just log-in to your dashboard, click on “My Promotions”, and create a code.

You can choose between a flexible (percentage) or fixed (numerical) discount and create as many codes as you’d like. After you have created a code, you can use it on any of your campaigns. All you need to do is add this variable to the end of the camapign URL: ?pr=DISCOUNTCODE.

For example, if your code is “SHQY7A”, your discount URL would be:

If you create multiple discount codes, you can create multiple discount URLs for one campaign. This is great for offering special discounts to different groups of buyers!

When potential buyers visit your campaign page using the discount URL, the discount will be automatically applied when they check-out. You can then monitor how many times the discount was redeemed for each campaign and keep track of your profits (minus discounts) via the profits tab on the dashboard.

Cross-sells have been proven to increase sales and are now automatically shown upon check-out when a buyer purchases from a campaign within a store of 2 or more active campaigns. You can turn this function on or off for your store but we recommend that you leave it on–the only thing that could happen is that you sell more items!


Bonuses Over 100 Items
Sell more, get more! If you sell over 100 items, you’ll receive more profit for every 10-20 items sold over 100 (amount depends on the product) up to 1,000 items. Play around with the TeeMaker to see the potential earnings for your campaign!

More Colours Per Campaign
You already have the option of 16 colour/product combinations (with 4 colours per product), but we just made things a whole lot better! We have now made it so you can re-select the primary product in your extra product slots. Why is that important you ask? Well, this means you can choose those extra colours you always wanted to have! So, you could run a single product campaign with a whopping 16 colours!



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Spot the difference: Cheetah Conservation Fund’s campaign a huge success

The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) recently ran a campaign with Fabrily featuring an incredible design… an illustration of KhayJay, one of their current resident cheetahs, filled with the names of 25 years worth of cheetahs that the CCF has saved. The campaign smashed its goal of 20, in the end selling over 440 items! It was so successful in fact that the CCF decided to relaunch the campaign for 7 days only which has already sold 50+ items in the first 24 hours.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 17.17.20

The original CCF tee.

Heather Ravenscroft, Chapter Liaison and Communications Assistant at the CCF was kind enough to sit down with us and explain her campaigning experience with Fabrily:

Can you tell us a little bit more about the work the Cheetah Conservation Fund does and how the funds raised will be used? Cheetah Conservation Fund is a non-profit based in Namibia with a very small office in the US and some volunteer run affiliates in Europe, UK, Australia, Canada, and an energetic start-up in China.

CCF Namibia uses multiple different strategies to help cheetahs and other predators live side-by-side with human populations. We have a campus located in Otjiwarongo where we have a genetics and veterinary lab, visitor centre, model farm, a cheetah run for exercising our cheetahs, and both staff and visitor housing with a campsite to accommodate school groups. Our work with local farmers is particularly important to ensure a sustainable strategy for increasing the cheetah population, as Namibia has a lot of livestock farming.

While our primary mission is to keep the cheetah in the wild, we can’t always return every rehabilitated cheetah. We have 36 cheetahs on CCF grounds at the moment that cannot be released and will be cared for throughout the remainder of their lives. The shirt we decided to make was a representation of the individual cheetahs we have cared for in the past 25 years of CCF.

How did you initially hear about Fabrily? Why did you decide to use the platform? Fabrily had heard of the great work we were doing and contacted us directly. We had just held a sock campaign with a different company and had some success with it. In an attempt to minimise the expense of fulfilment and keeping stock for sale, we are always looking out for innovative ways to sell merchandise.

How did you promote the campaign so that it reached its goal? Did one marketing channel work better than another? We used Facebook, and an email campaign. Facebook did very well but our email campaign was the most effective. We got so many responses right after an email went out.

 Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 17.16.42

An example Facebook post the CCF used to help promote their campaign.

What fundraising methods have you used in the past (if any)? Was there anything that really stood out to you about using Fabrily? We primarily raise funds using mailing campaigns and holding events. We do sell merchandise through an online retailer and we sell merchandise at events. Fabrily was easy to use and the support was great, even down to help with setting up our page. They even helped us with the design!

Overall, how was your campaigning experience with Fabrily? Would you recommend it to other small charities? It has been great so far. Yes we would.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? Support the cheetahs!

Interested in launching your own Fabrily campaign? Visit and click “start a campaign”! If you need assistance or have any questions please contact us at

Some more amazing news from Fabrily…

We’re excited to help you kick off 2015 the right way with a big announcement: We’re dropping prices across all products for a limited time!

As a special gift to all our sellers, we’re dropping base prices on tees by 30% and hoodies by 40% on average! The new pricing is implemented site wide, so you can get started on this new opportunity right away.

This is our way of saying thank you and showing our appreciation to all our sellers who are building businesses and raising funds with Fabrily.

So what does this promotion mean for you? Essentially you’ll be earning significantly more profit per sale, and who can’t get excited about that!


That’s not all the news we have either… here are a few other features we will release over the next week:

  1. Discount codes
  2. Cross sales
  3. Three new languages (Polish, Dutch & Swedish)
  4. Ability to add more colours per campaign
  5. Bonuses for campaigns that sell over 100 items

And we’ve got one other exciting announcement to make, one you’ve all been asking for: In the next few weeks we’ll be lowering the minimum goal from 10 to 5!

Hope you’re all as excited as we are. 2015 is going to be a huge year – here’s to living the EAT, SLEEP, SELL, REPEAT lifestyle!

Any questions? drop us an email at


Yes, we are totally serious! We’re opening a world-wide selfie contest for ALL Fabrily customers from March 1st to 27th. If you’ve ordered an item from send your “selfie” to and include your full name, shipping address, and a quote about why you like your item! If you purchased an item from a Fabrily campaign to support a special cause, community, artists, company, etc. be sure to let us know so we can mention them in the photo caption!

Contest Rules:

  1. You must be wearing an item purchased from a Fabrily campaign
  2. Please use appropriate photos and language in your quotes – any quotes featuring curse words or offensive photos will not be admitted to the contest
  3. Only “likes” made within the Fabrily Fan of the Month photo album on Facebook will be counted for the contest
  4. Photos can be submitted until March 25th

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Once we’ve added your photo to March’s Fabrily Fan of the Month album, be sure to get all your friends and family to “like” your photo. If your selfie gets the most “likes” by March 27th you’ll win some free Fabrily apparel and an Amazon gift card worth £100 (the gift card amount will be awarded in your local currency if you’re located outside the UK) or you can choose to have the funds donated to a special cause. It’s that easy!

February’s Fabrily Fan of the Month!
Thank you everyone who voted on their favorite selfie for February’s Fabrily Fan of the Month contest! Congratulations to Kate and Pumba on their fab-rilous selfie! Honorable mentions go out to Allison & Sergio as well as Alberto & Gae for second and third place.