Spot the difference: Cheetah Conservation Fund’s campaign a huge success

The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) recently ran a campaign with Fabrily featuring an incredible design… an illustration of KhayJay, one of their current resident cheetahs, filled with the names of 25 years worth of cheetahs that the CCF has saved. The campaign smashed its goal of 20, in the end selling over 440 items! It was so successful in fact that the CCF decided to relaunch the campaign for 7 days only which has already sold 50+ items in the first 24 hours.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 17.17.20

The original CCF tee.

Heather Ravenscroft, Chapter Liaison and Communications Assistant at the CCF was kind enough to sit down with us and explain her campaigning experience with Fabrily:

Can you tell us a little bit more about the work the Cheetah Conservation Fund does and how the funds raised will be used? Cheetah Conservation Fund is a non-profit based in Namibia with a very small office in the US and some volunteer run affiliates in Europe, UK, Australia, Canada, and an energetic start-up in China.

CCF Namibia uses multiple different strategies to help cheetahs and other predators live side-by-side with human populations. We have a campus located in Otjiwarongo where we have a genetics and veterinary lab, visitor centre, model farm, a cheetah run for exercising our cheetahs, and both staff and visitor housing with a campsite to accommodate school groups. Our work with local farmers is particularly important to ensure a sustainable strategy for increasing the cheetah population, as Namibia has a lot of livestock farming.

While our primary mission is to keep the cheetah in the wild, we can’t always return every rehabilitated cheetah. We have 36 cheetahs on CCF grounds at the moment that cannot be released and will be cared for throughout the remainder of their lives. The shirt we decided to make was a representation of the individual cheetahs we have cared for in the past 25 years of CCF.

How did you initially hear about Fabrily? Why did you decide to use the platform? Fabrily had heard of the great work we were doing and contacted us directly. We had just held a sock campaign with a different company and had some success with it. In an attempt to minimise the expense of fulfilment and keeping stock for sale, we are always looking out for innovative ways to sell merchandise.

How did you promote the campaign so that it reached its goal? Did one marketing channel work better than another? We used Facebook, and an email campaign. Facebook did very well but our email campaign was the most effective. We got so many responses right after an email went out.

 Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 17.16.42

An example Facebook post the CCF used to help promote their campaign.

What fundraising methods have you used in the past (if any)? Was there anything that really stood out to you about using Fabrily? We primarily raise funds using mailing campaigns and holding events. We do sell merchandise through an online retailer and we sell merchandise at events. Fabrily was easy to use and the support was great, even down to help with setting up our page. They even helped us with the design!

Overall, how was your campaigning experience with Fabrily? Would you recommend it to other small charities? It has been great so far. Yes we would.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? Support the cheetahs!

Interested in launching your own Fabrily campaign? Visit and click “start a campaign”! If you need assistance or have any questions please contact us at


How to monitor your campaign profits and new campaign analytics

We’ve updated your campaigner dashboard to include a variety of insightful analytics! These new insights will help you know what your campaign’s top selling items are, what color options customers prefer, where your customers are located, and more!

From your campaigner dashboard you can view the following:



  • Number of items ordered
  • Profits per currency
  • Total profit
  • Profit per item style (which items are making you the most profit!)



  • Sales per day
  • Colour Breakdown (what items/colours are most purchased by supporters)
  • Campaign page visits based on location
  • Sales by location

Below you’ll find the Campaigner Dashboard Guide video; this video demonstrates how to navigate your campaigner dashboard. For specific instructions on accessing your profits and analytics please refer to the minute marks indicated here:

  • For profits fast-forward to minute 3:10
  • For campaign analytics fast-forward to minute 3:50

Using Pinterest to promote your crowd-funding campaign

how to promo pinterest

What is Pinterest?
So, what is Pinterest exactly? It’s a highly visual pinboard site that lets you “pin” or collect images from the Web. You can create different boards to help categorize/organize your images and add descriptions for each image too. As one of the world’s most popular social networking sites, Pinterest should be a top choice as a free, useful tool for promoting your crowd-funding or fundraising campaign. Below you will find useful information on Pinterest’s smart feed, promoted pins and plugins that can boost sales and traffic to your campaign page.

Why use Pinterest?

  • It’s a great platform for increasing your brand’s awareness and encouraging the online community to engage with you.
  • Information can be processed very quickly when it’s seen as an image or picture.
  • Pinterest makes it possible to drive more traffic to your campaign and leverage shareable images
  • It’s a convenient and free way to promote products featured in your crowd-funding campaign

How to use Pinterest to promote your crowd-funding campaign
1. After you’ve created a Pinterest account, set up a special board promoting your campaign – you need to create a board in order to organize and collect items you want to feature. Go to your Pinterest profile page and select the option to “Create a Board”. A box will pop up asking you to name your board, add a description, and categorize it. Once you create a board you can start “pinning” items from your campaign.


Note – When you first start using Pinterest make sure to create other pinboards (ex. favorite quotes, great causes, etc.) within your profile; “like” other people’s pins and re-pin other pins to your boards. This will help you attract new followers who can potentially purchase items from your campaign and/or share your pins to boost exposure.

2. To upload a pin directly from your campaign page select the small circular “plus sign” symbol on the bottom right corner of the page. A menu will appear once you click the button, select “Pin from a website”. A small pop-up message will appear where you can paste your campaign URL, select “next”. The page will reload with multiple images from your campaign page to choose from; select the image you want to use for your pin, click on the red “Pin it” button on the left hand corner of the image.


Click the “plus sign” icon to upload a new pin as shown above


Select the red “Pin it” button in the top left-hand corner.

3. After you’ve selected your pin image, add a description for the pin; you can include a call to action within the description (e.g “Amazing Campaign – Buy now and help our cause!”), explain what you’re raising funds for or how the design was created; include information you think customers will be interested in and add hashtags related to your pin.


Additional tips for your pin description:

  • Start with a compelling headline
  • Include additional information about the campaign
  • Use a call-to-action and link to the campaign
  • By adding hashtags your pin will become more search-friendly. Add 3-5 hashtags related to your campaign – Pinterest works in the same way as Facebook or Twitter; by adding hashtags and keywords, people will be able to find yours pins more easily.
  • Before adding the description of the pin, you might want to try typing in the “Search” box at the top of the screen to see if any keywords/hashtags are actively used by the Pinterest community. For example if you are a shark organization, we recommend including the related terms #shark, #charity #marine #ocean in your pin description; make your pins easy to find!

Edit Pin

Note – Make sure the redirect source URL of a pin is to your campaign page; when users click on your pin you want them to be taken to your campaign page where they can place an order.

4. Pin & share photos of your supporters and like their pins– encourage Pinterest users to post their own images of the items they’ve purchased from your campaign. This is a great way to get people excited about your crowd-funding campaign and any other campaigns you plan to run in the future. Click here for more info on post-campaign promotion.


You are now ready to start using this powerful tool to attract more supporters/buyers and grow your brand. Good luck!

Post-Campaign Promotion: what to do once your Fabrily campaign ends

Many people don’t realize just how important post-campaign promotion is. If you’ve launched a successful Fabrily campaign chances are you’ll launch another one! So what is the secret to boosting sales for your next campaign? Selfies! Yes you heard us correctly…”selfies” are a great way to keep buzz going about your previous campaign and create social proof to reassure uncertain customers about the quality of items you’ll offer in future campaigns.

How does social proof work?

Imagine a satisfied customer from your campaign shares a “selfie” on your Facebook page with their new item. They include a comment about how much they like their new item and how great it is…if someone was uncertain about purchasing an item from your previous campaign, now that they see their peer is satisfied with their purchase, the uncertain customer is more likely to purchase an item from your next campaign…see how this works?

SharkAid International shared a Facebook post with their followers asking them to submit a photo once they received their shirts.

By encouraging supporters to share selfies you achieve several things:

  1. You add credibility to your campaign and encourage creation of social proof to persuade uncertain customers to purchase (other followers will see that their peers purchased an item and are happy with the product – this makes them more likely to purchase a shirt if you run another campaign in the future)
  2. Your followers create and share digital content (user generated content) about your organization on social media which boosts your organization’s exposure and reach online
  3. You can also use these photos/content for your own website, newsletters, etc.
  4. The extra exposure and interest in your campaign items can help you sell more the next time you launch a campaign!


Bat Conservation Trust took advantage of the interest in their supporter’s selfies to share their re-launched campaign!

The Bikepsyche Facebook group created an album to share their pictures with fellow page fans

The Bikepsyche Facebook group created an album to share their pictures with fellow page fans and promote their latest campaigns. They’ve sold hundreds of shirts to date! 😉

We have created a special Facebook album”My Fabrily #FabTees” for campaign supporters – we encourage all of our non-profits and other groups to share these photos with us and have them added to the album; this will give your group even more exposure via Fabrily’s social media pages.

We’re also running a “Fabrily Fan of the Month” selfie contest this March which presents a great opportunity for you to gain more exposure for you website and social media accounts as well as grant your supporters the chance to win some fab prizes!

contest flyer

For more promotional tips visit our Free Promotional Tips page

Trending Topics for February #CampaignInspiration

We’ve noticed a key feature for a lot of our successful campaigns is to stay on trend. When you start a t-shirt campaign based on a trending topic you increase your campaign’s SEO (search engine optimization) and potentially the number of t-shirt sales.

Think of some of the hottest topics trending on social media at the moment; the Superbowl was a huge topic of conversation this past week and we’ve got the premiere of The Walking Dead coming up on February  9th  (who doesn’t love zombies?!). Valentines Day is just around the corner and two of the biggest parties of the year are getting into full gear at the end of this month, Mardi Gras and Carnaval!

Walking Dead

Keep an eye out for trend-worthy topics and special events going on if you’re searching for campaign inspiration! Remember major sporting events are a big opportunity to look out for and national observances like Black History Month and American Heart Month in the USA are getting a lot of internet-attention right now.

If you’re looking for campaign inspiration think of current events and organizations that matter. Use Fabrily to raise funds for an important cause, generate revenue for your personal gain, or to create awareness for a movement you’re passionate about…whatever you decide to use Fabrily for, remember we’re here to help you create awesome t-shirts and #inspire others!