New Features at Fabrily: Discount Codes, Cross Sells, Bigger Bonuses, and More!

As promised, we have just released a bunch of awesome new features! Combined with our price discount of 30% off tees and 40% off hoodies, nothing can stop you now!

Discount Codes
You can now offer buyers a discount on their purchase! Discount codes have increased conversions significantly in testing and will undoubtedly increase your sales. To create a discount, just log-in to your dashboard, click on “My Promotions”, and create a code.

You can choose between a flexible (percentage) or fixed (numerical) discount and create as many codes as you’d like. After you have created a code, you can use it on any of your campaigns. All you need to do is add this variable to the end of the camapign URL: ?pr=DISCOUNTCODE.

For example, if your code is “SHQY7A”, your discount URL would be:

If you create multiple discount codes, you can create multiple discount URLs for one campaign. This is great for offering special discounts to different groups of buyers!

When potential buyers visit your campaign page using the discount URL, the discount will be automatically applied when they check-out. You can then monitor how many times the discount was redeemed for each campaign and keep track of your profits (minus discounts) via the profits tab on the dashboard.

Cross-sells have been proven to increase sales and are now automatically shown upon check-out when a buyer purchases from a campaign within a store of 2 or more active campaigns. You can turn this function on or off for your store but we recommend that you leave it on–the only thing that could happen is that you sell more items!


Bonuses Over 100 Items
Sell more, get more! If you sell over 100 items, you’ll receive more profit for every 10-20 items sold over 100 (amount depends on the product) up to 1,000 items. Play around with the TeeMaker to see the potential earnings for your campaign!

More Colours Per Campaign
You already have the option of 16 colour/product combinations (with 4 colours per product), but we just made things a whole lot better! We have now made it so you can re-select the primary product in your extra product slots. Why is that important you ask? Well, this means you can choose those extra colours you always wanted to have! So, you could run a single product campaign with a whopping 16 colours!



 Click here to start trying all our new features!


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