How to monitor your campaign profits and new campaign analytics

We’ve updated your campaigner dashboard to include a variety of insightful analytics! These new insights will help you know what your campaign’s top selling items are, what color options customers prefer, where your customers are located, and more!

From your campaigner dashboard you can view the following:



  • Number of items ordered
  • Profits per currency
  • Total profit
  • Profit per item style (which items are making you the most profit!)



  • Sales per day
  • Colour Breakdown (what items/colours are most purchased by supporters)
  • Campaign page visits based on location
  • Sales by location

Below you’ll find the Campaigner Dashboard Guide video; this video demonstrates how to navigate your campaigner dashboard. For specific instructions on accessing your profits and analytics please refer to the minute marks indicated here:

  • For profits fast-forward to minute 3:10
  • For campaign analytics fast-forward to minute 3:50

Campaign Pricing: What factors influence base cost of items

Want to know what factors influence the base cost of items? How about what currency and selling prices your customers see? Please watch the video below for more information on the following topics:

  • Item pricing breakdown: what factors contribute to base cost and selling price of items; the selling price (price the customer sees on your campaign page) is a combination of the base cost (production cost) + profits = you determine how much profit you want to earn per item
  • How designs affect base cost: more colors in design = higher base cost
  • How campaign goal affects base cost: higher selling goal = lower base cost
  • Display selling prices for customers based on location (VAT vs. No VAT): customers view the selling price and currency based on their geographic location (ex. customers in USA see price in dollars and their price does not include VAT)
  • For recommended selling prices of items please visit our Product Options page

Fabrily Joins Teespring

Dear Campaigners,

2014 was a big year for Fabrily. We evolved from being a small website with a few active sellers at the start of the year to one of the fastest-growing commerce platforms in Europe turning over thousands of products a day. Everyone at Fabrily has worked tirelessly to make this possible and we have shipped products to over 140 countries and territories around the world.

We have equally big plans to expand our reach in 2015, starting with a very special announcement – Fabrily has officially become a part of Teespring, the leading commerce platform in the industry.

Teespring brings unparalleled expertise in production quality, technology, pricing, shipping, and strategic growth, and together our combined resources will support five site languages, multiple currency options, and international shipping to over 170 countries. We are absolutely thrilled to partner with them and by collaborating with Teespring we’re confident that our platform will only get better and unlock more opportunities for our campaigners to be successful in the future.

As I write this, plans are already underway to lay the foundations for much closer collaboration between our platforms. The goal of both Teespring and Fabrily has always been to provide the best possible experience for our sellers and buyers. Our work on this front is never done – we will continue to build and improve our business to provide the best tools and services to our customers.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time with Teespring’s executive team of late, and can attest to their experience, drive, and most importantly, passion for their customers. Like Fabrily, Teespring is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and we are very excited about the opportunities this is going to bring to our community. I look forward to making 2015 your most successful year yet!

Best Wishes,
Adil Mohammed
Founder of Fabrily