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Find posts designed to help you set you your own Fabrily campaign – from best product price ranges, maximizing profit, answers to FAQs, and setting up you campaign via we’ve got it all here! Make sure to visit our YouTube channel ( for video tutorials too!

Important updates at Fabrily: New TeeMaker, new products, new features and more!

TeeMaker Updates

NEW 3-step campaign setup process
We’ve updated the Fabrily TeeMaker to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible. Now when you click “start a campaign” from your dashboard you’ll be able to launch campaigns using an easy 3-step process. Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions:


Hyperlinks in campaign description
Campaigners can now add hyperlinks directly to their campaign description linking to internal and external pages. While you’re setting up a campaign with the TeeMaker just click on the hyperlink symbol as shown below, for “target” make sure to select “new window” so that when the customer clicks the link a new window opens instead of linking away from the campaign page. 


Campaign Updates & New Features

Direct colour/style access URL
Want to direct customers to a specific product and/or colour when they click on your ad? This is now possible with the new direct colour/style access URL; at the end of your campaign link URL you can add this code: “?s=X&c=X”. Example:

The value “s” = product style and “c”= product colour. Each product style on your campaign is represented by a number, so your main product is 1, your second product is 2, etc. If you enter the number 1 for your product style, ex. “s=1” this means that your main product will be displayed; by entering the number 2 your second product style will be displayed, and so on. The same goes for colour options; you can determine which colour is displayed by entering the matching number for the value “c”. The colour options for your main product are visible in a row on your campaign page; example unisex shirt is available in blue (1), red (2), green (3), yellow (4). If you’d like to feature the main product in yellow you would use the URL:

We understand that this is a bit difficult to explain in writing so it’s best if you watch this quick video to get a full understanding of the new direct style/colour URL access feature:


NEW RELAUNCH campaign option
Perhaps one of the most exciting new features being released today is the ability to re-launch campaigns (whether it ended successfully, unsuccessfully, or was cancelled)! Within your campaign dashboard all campaigns that have ended now have a new “Relaunch” link; in the same area as the “Edit/Cancel/Tracking” links. The campaign will re-start with all of the same details as the previous campaign (with a reset goal and new dates). One of the best aspects of this new feature is the URL of the re-launched campaign will be the same as the original campaign– so if you’re using ads you won’t have to create new ads for the new campaign URL.


NEW RECUR campaign option
You can now set your campaigns to “recur” or “re-launch” immediately after the campaign has ended. You’ll notice within your campaigner dashboard that all of your currently running campaigns have a new option under “Edit/Cancel/Tracking Codes” which gives you the option to select “Yes” or “No” for a recurring campaign. If you select “Yes” your campaign will re-launch immediately after it has ended and feature the same exact details as the previous campaign, including the same URL.


Product Updates

More product styles and colours
If you wanted more style and colour options for campaigns then today is your lucky day! Campaigns can now feature 4 different product styles (ex. unisex shirts, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, etc.) and each product style can feature 4 colour options! This new feature will allow you to present your customers with a plethora of product possibilities!

 NEW v–neck unisex and ladies shirts now available
We are always searching for new items to feature in campaigns! We’re excited to announce that standard v-neck unisex and ladies shirts have been added to the product style options – to check out these new items log-in to your campaigner dashboard and use the new TeeMaker today!


You can visit the Fabrily YouTube channel for more videos or check out the Internet Marketer Resources page on the Fabrily blog for more information.


HOW TO launch a campaign with the Fabrily Teemaker v2

We’re constantly releasing new updates on to make your campaigning experience even better!

Check out the video below to learn how to do the following:

  • Difference between “request campaign” and “start a campaign”
  • Upload a design using the TeeMaker
  • Create a text design using the TeeMaker’s new Text Editor Tool
  • Launch a campaign instantly
  • Organize your campaign dashboard
  • Edit your campaign title and description
  • How to extend your campaign’s end date
  • Add tracking pixels to your campaign

For more helpful videos please visit the Fabrily YouTube Channel and subscribe!

Important Updates at Fabrily: tracking pixels, payouts, and more!

Campaign Updates

Base Price Reduction
We understand that expanding the profit margin whenever possible is important to all campaigners; as we’ve grown we have been able to benefit from the economies of scale and pass these savings on to you. We have just lowered the cost of unisex tees (our MOST popular item) by £1 (about $1.65 USD/€1.25 EURO) which will contribute to your campaigns by allowing you a higher profit margin for any unisex shirt campaign.

Add your own tracking pixel instantly!
Campaigners are now able to add their own tracking pixels and retargeting pixels to their campaigns. Instead of using the full pixel script campaigners can submit the pixel ID number directly from their campaign dashboard.

To add a tracking pixel log-in to your Fabrily account. Once you are logged in you’ll notice there is a new “Tracking Codes” link on the campaigns listed within your dashboard.


Click on this link to open the tracking code box – here you can enter the code ID for your campaign instantly!


To get your tracking pixel ID please refer to your tracking code; the ID can be found within the code script:

Tracking pixel ID example:

success tracking imave

Here is an example of the retargeting pixel ID:

remarketing imae

Campaign Dashboard Updates

New filter to organize campaigns
Campaigners are now able to use a filter and search function within your dashboard which enables you to sift through your different campaigns. You can search for campaigns based on if they are running, reached goal, finished successfully, finished unsuccessfully, or cancelled. This tool is a great way to organize your dashboard and makes managing multiple campaigns much easier.

dashboard filter

Hold and resume payouts
In addition to adding Payoneer as a payout option we have also enabled campaigners to put their own payments on hold if they like; you can request for payments to be put on hold and select the date you want the payout to be sent. You can also choose to resume payouts that have been put on hold at any time. This feature is great for campaigners who prefer to send bulk payouts to minimize transfer fees.

hold payments

For other important updates and the latest tools available for campaigners please visit the Internet Marketer Resources page on the Fabrily blog.

New payout options at Fabrily: Paypal Mass Payments and Payoneer now available!

We have some exciting changes to announce with regards to how we payout earnings to campaigners:

  • Moving forward, we will be making all payouts within 2 business days
  • There is no fees for PayPal payments anymore. We are now using PayPal Mass Payment so we will be paying the PayPal fees on our side
  • You can now get paid in USD or GBP using Payoneer; Payoneer offers two different methods of payout:
    • Global Bank Transfer in which the money is sent directly to your local bank account
    • Prepaid Card in which the money is sent to your personal card (provided by Payoneer) which functions just like a credit/debit card
  • Of course, free bank transfers in the UK are available as usual along with international wire transfer for a small fee
  • If you would like us to hold payments for you and bulk transfer it at once, please email and let us know

You can select your payout method in the My Account section of your Dashboard. Sign up for a new Payoneer account through your Fabrily account and receive free card activation and free bank transfers (via Payoneer) until Septemeber 20th!

We can now transfer funds via Payoneer in USD or GBP – to link your Payoneer account please use your PAYONEER USERNAME (not PayPal)

We are continuously working on improving our payout methods and seeing where we can reduce the fees/charges for you. If you have any questions regarding payouts, please email and we will be happy to help.

More 2.0 updates at Fabrily: TeeMaker V2, multi-language site, and webinar recording!

TeeMaker v2: Additional Products, Text Editor, new mockups!
The newest version of the Fabrily TeeMaker is now available! Now you can add additional products to your campaign instantly (no need to wait for them to be added after the campaign has launched) – just select the different products you want to feature on the campaign page, apply your design and go!  Another new feature is the text editor; now you can create custom text designs for your campaigns using the many different fonts available.  Also, we have listened to your feedback and updated the garment mockup for the unisex shirts; we will be adding new mockups for other products very soon as well. Make sure to log in to your Fabrily account, click “start a campaign” and test out the new features!



Multiple Languages on


 Now you can view in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German! This is going to be a huge advantage for campaigners targeting countries that speak these languages.  The website’s language is determined by the viewer’s location (i.e. if you’re in Spain the site will appear in Spanish automatically), to select a different language just click on the small globe icon at the top of the web page.



Webinar Recording
In case you missed it we hosted a webinar on July 8th which covered a lot of useful topics like niche markets, top selling items, top buying countries and more! The webinar had a big turnout and we’d like to thank our guest speakers (internet marketers with a lot of experience in the field) for the great advice and useful tips they shared with us. Below is a recording of the webinar; you can also view the recording directly from the Fabrily YouTube channel.