Campaigner Spotlight–Vivek Gupta

Vivek Jyoti Gupta - India

Vivek Gupta is a campaigner from Mumbai, India who joined Fabrily in March 2014. He works as a Creative Head at a television channel and sells custom merchandise part-time to fund his film projects and live out his dreams!

How/why did you get into selling custom apparel online?

I am an aspiring filmmaker from India and I made a short film taking loans from friends. I was also working in a media company in the creative field to fend for myself as film making is a risky business. It so happened I lost my job in August 2012, and by January 2013 I couldn’t get a job and had huge debts. Luckily I got back to work in Feb 2013 and during that time I realized that I have to have a second income and slowly work towards financial independence. I got into internet marketing and till February 2014 I lost more money and the situation went from bad to worse. But I had a belief that it is a process one has to go through to see the light. The light happened in the form of selling t-shirts online. This was the first time I tasted some success selling shirts in the US, but the market was competitive and the returns were not consistent. During that time, Fabrily 2.0 was launched and I thought of the European market. I tested a few campaigns and the response was amazing. Out of my first 10 campaigns, 7 showed positive ROIs…I realized I have found a business.

What were the biggest challenges you faced when you started?

Finding good niches and targeting. I get attached to my designs as I do them myself. So I easily fall into the trap where my ROIs quickly shift into the negative. I have yet to try the translations as I don’t find any problem selling English quotes all over Europe.

How did you overcome those challenges?

There are many good people and Facebook groups around to help. Don Wilson’s the Laboratory is the best where you find the real gems. It is a process where the challenges keep shifting. The only answers come from taking action, taking risk and learning from the failures. You have to keep launching campaigns and by doing that the emotions take a back seat and logic takes precedence. Kill the losers and scale the winners. Saying this is easy but the experience comes from testing them from all corners. Also I keep in touch with the blogs. Fabrily’s group is quite good in dropping some golden nuggets.

What has been your experience so far selling in Europe?

Right now 80% of my business is from Europe. I actually use Fabrily to sell all over the world. The traffic is cheaper than the US if you are using Facebook paid ads for selling. The market is more receptive and the conversions are better.

What advice would you give to new internet marketers on Fabrily?

What is most satisfying working with Fabrily is the support. They are just a message away. They resolve the issues without making me feel that we are thousands of miles away. Customer satisfaction is of prime importance as the buyers buy not just the t-shirt but the trust. The trust is set by Fabrily. Once the trust is established they will keep buying from you.

My friendly suggestion to new marketers on Fabrily is you can sell in many countries and in their own lingos. You will be surprised to see the sales coming from unknown markets. I had successes from countries like Greenland, Portugal, Croatia and even outside Europe, as well from Indonesia, U.A.E and Singapore. In fact, I have sold more than 500 shirts to non-UK countries with one design.

How has this business changed your life?

I tasted big success on Fabrily from August 2014 and now, in few months, I am debt free and taking care of my mother’s expensive medical bills. I am slowly enjoying the fruits of success and now dreaming of a good life ahead. The way things are going, soon my business will fund my first feature film. There is nothing better than a free mind and soon I will be free.

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