Interview with Internet Marketing Coach and Fabcon Speaker Chris Blair

Chris Blair

If you’re an internet marketer, you’ve probably heard of Chris Blair. Chris has a lot of experience and knowledge about the custom apparel business and we’re really excited to have him as one of our guest speakers at Fabcon 2015! Chris will be covering advanced targeting techniques using Facebook ads and pages.

To learn how to increase your sales using Chris’ advanced tricks, book your ticket for Fabcon here.

WHEN: Friday, February 27, 2015

WHERE: Skyloft, London

We asked Chris a few questions about the business and he already has lots of good advice, so take note!

What are you hoping people will take away from Fabcon?

You do not have to be a master at marketing shirts to get started but have to get started to become a master.   Knowledge and training is important but it is completely useless unless it is combined with consistent action. The key to winning at tee shirts is to launch campaigns consistently because the reality is even for experienced sellers most new designs will fail.  The beautiful part is once you have a winning idea, that idea can usually be sold over and over and over again in that niche. Even better, you can take the same idea twist it, and make it into ten, hundreds of shirts. For example, we currently have a winning idea in the beard niche.  We were able to spin that idea and this week will be launching 50 more shirts in different niches with the same slogan, only one word changed. The design is basically the same.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned about this business?

It is easier to find new targets for a winning shirt than it is to find a new winning shirt.  I am amazed at how many private coaching students (basically every student who has had some success in the past) believed they have exhausted all the possible targets on FB.  I always respond with “really?”, let’s do some targeting research together.  In every single case, we have been able to find new targets by just digging deep with research. Sure this takes a bit of time but is a lot less time consuming than launching new shirts and we already know we have a winner.  So the lesson here is once you have a winning shirt, dig deep and think hard about the possible targets, so you can maximize the return on that winning shirt.

Why do you think Europe is “the next frontier”?

From an online tee shirt marketing perspective, Europe is in its infancy and Europeans are becoming more used to shopping online than before.  There are also less marketers working Europe, so it is an open playing field.

What do you love most about this business?

I believe anyone who has tenacity can become successful with tee shirts online.  You just have to be willing to say to yourself, I am going to launch any number of shirts, analyze the results and keep going, until I get one.  You will eventually hit a winner.  One winning idea can be worth thousands and even hundreds of thousands in a year.  If it is in evergreen niches, you can run it for years.

What is your favourite campaign of all time? (yours or another’s)

I cannot say I really have a favorite. I like ones that are selling.  Actually this question is indicative of the problem with newbies in this industry.  They become emotionally attached to their ideas and designs. This is a big mistake, you end up trying too long and hard, investing money in an idea that is not working.   The two reasons I say never make your own designs is 1. It is extremely time consuming and 2. you become emotionally attached to the results.  In this game you have to operate like a stock broker and cut the losers fast, and scale the winners based on the data you see and not your opinion.

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