The best way for students to increase their budget

Fabrily offers students an exciting opportunity to make money and learn the secrets of online advertising at the same time.


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Click here for Vito’s full success story.



1. Get started

You have a project which you want to promote and raise funds for; you have a FB group or you would like to create and sell a design to your community; or you simply want to make money with an exciting online platform. First of all you need to know who your audience (=niche) will be so you can create a suitable design for your target group (=buyers).

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2. Campaign Set-up

Set up your campaigns at Fabrily. Upload your design, choose the tee & hoodie styles and colours you want to offer and choose a profit for each product. Click here to go to our tee creator (our membership is 100% free of charge). Sellers control the selling price of their own products. However, we will give you a minimum price (base price) that you cannot go below as we need that to cover the price of the fulfilment (including all our fees). Anything above that is your profit.

(2) SetUp

3. Advertising and Promotion

Promote your campaign using Facebook groups and ads. For more information on how to do FB ads visit our Fabrily Classroom on YouTube!

(3) Ads

4. Get Paid

Once your campaign ends successfully you will receive your profits automatically within two business days. Fabrily handles the printing, shipping and customer service.

(4) Payout

More campaigner stories & insights

Anant [full-time pharmacist, selling tees for additional income] – click here for the full story

“This opportunity is not saturated in the UK and Europe, and there are untapped niches which we could all explore to our advantage.”

Mel Langton [Artist, selling tees to promote his works and raising funds for future projects] – click here for the full story

“Fabrily were incredibly helpful with any queries I’ve had throughout the process and I’ve been greatly impressed with them and also the amount of advice you can find about creating campaigns through their online tutorials.”



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