Fabrily 2014 Part 4 – Last but not least: Anna explains her personal and professional highlights of 2014

Hello to all the Fabrily followers and our wonderful campaigners! It’s Anna here, and this is the fourth and last part of our 2014 highlights series (you must be so upset!). This year was amazing for us as a company and a community. The team’s spirits have been never higher thanks entirely to the results of the wonderful individuals and organizations we’ve been working with. We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing our knowledge with our campaigners and willing them to succeed but ultimately it was you who helped us maintain the true purposes of our work – to spread the word about the important causes that you support, and to turn your design ideas into great merchandise for your community to enjoy. We are so proud that we have had an opportunity to work with each and every one of you!

anna pic

Today I wanted to share with you what I love about Fabrily, and some of my personal and professional highlights of 2014. It’s a great feeling when you come to the office every day knowing that you will have an opportunity to help someone or their organization, and to communicate with wonderful and passionate people. Examples like EVOLVE!, showing the benefits of a non-violent, plant-based diet and lifestyle or Giffgaff’s initiative to support a housing and homelessness charity demonstrate why we love the people we work with.

Personally, I love the global nature of what we do. Although we are based in London, we have been growing and developing alongside our campaigners who come from various parts of the world – from the USA to India, Vietnam to Greece. This diversity is reflected in our own team as well and if you ever visit our office you’d be hard pressed to find two people from the same country! Our team members hail from Spain, Italy, the US, Australia, Greece, Sweden, South Africa and Russia just to name a few!

Professionally, the best thing for me was when the team and I took part in a screen-printing workshop this year. We attended this workshop to get a better understanding of the screen-printing process. We spent an amazing Saturday at Print Club London and got to design our own personal t-shirts. It was loads of fun, and really gave me a great insight into what we do.

Print Club London (1 of 1)-20-tile

The Fabrily Team creating their unique designs at The Print Club in London

Similarly, Fabrily’s participation in the Institute of Fundraising’s Individual Giving Conference was crucial and a big moment of the year. It really helped us identify new and more efficient ways to help the charities we are already working with, and we were also introduced to many wonderful organizations that we hope to work with in the future.

Finally, there was our Christmas visit to one of Centrepoint’s shelters that gives a home to young people and helps prepare them for the future, organized by our committed Operations team. We have been proud to initiate a Christmas giving campaign that has donated warm clothes to those in need, bringing comfort and joy to young people who have a lot of exciting and life-changing opportunities ahead of them. We are nowhere near finished however, as we constantly look into new ways of helping the most vulnerable members of our society.

We are glad that our company has changed so much over the year and I would like to use this opportunity to thank all of the people who have interacted with our site for their trust and support. Without you, we couldn’t keep doing what we do. So Happy Holidays and have a great New Year!


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