Fabrily Looks Back at the Best of 2014

2014 was an amazing year for Fabrily, we have gone from a tiny start-up company to global platform with buyers and sellers all over the world.

As we come to the end of 2014, the team looking after Internet Marketers have reminisced about their highlights of the year….


Craig (South Africa)

Craig (1 of 1)

2014 was an absolute rollercoaster ride for me, full of ups and downs, but overall it has been an amazing journey and it was certainly a year I will never forget.

Because I head up the Marketing team with Fred, I naturally have to wear many hats and get involved in many different areas of the business, but my focus has always been supporting and growing our community of sellers from all around the world. Our sellers are the most important part of our business model and at Fabrily we consider them as business partners rather than just users.

In 2014 we have gone from a small website with a few active sellers at the start of the year to a large thriving community of professional marketers selling thousands of items a day. Fabrily is now considered by marketeers as one of the best platforms around and the only platform to use when selling in Europe (our back yard).

Though there have been many highlights throughout 2014, the two moments that stand out the most for me are;

1 – Launch of Fabrily 2.0 – Before the launch of Fabrily 2.0, campaigns were set up by our team. Many of our campaigners were looking forward to using the TeeMaker on their own and were really excited once we introduced 2.0-Fabrily became truly open for business!

2 – The success of Ronnie & Suhail – Ron & Suhail had been selling with other platforms in the USA for a while when they first came to Fabrily. They were looking for ways to get involved in the European market and I suggested a niche I thought would work really well. 10 days later they had sold more than 10,000 t-shirts and made around $90,000 in profit. Their results were no doubt impressive, but it was the story behind their success they really blew me away – you can read the full story here.


Fred (Sweden)

Fred (1 of 1)-2

We’re growing. Not just a little. A lot!

More and more people are joining our platform and taking advantage of our services to realize their goals – whether it is to support a cause, make some income on the side or become a full-time marketer.

During my time heading up the marketing team with Craig, one consistent trend we’ve been seeing over the last year, and in particular over the last 6 months, is the uptake at a global scale.

We’re levelling the playing field and providing access to European markets to people from all corners of the world. Africa, South America, Southeast Asia – you name it, we have somebody selling with us there. You can earn dollars and pounds and live in a country where you spend rupees, baht and dong. In your daily life, that makes a massive difference.

People are changing the way they live their lives with us. Our platform harnesses the entrepreneurialism and creativity of people around the world. Supply chains, payment systems, import tariffs and a range of other barriers to entry are no longer an obstacle to potential sellers.

The most humbling moment of 2014 for me has been the realization that we can truly have a significant impact on people’s lives around the world. Opportunities that were once confined to the geographically privileged in Western markets are now available to everyone. Sellers have told us they can quit that job they didn’t like, pursue hobbies outside of work and spend more time with their family and their children.

If 2014 was good, 2015 will be even better. Keep an eye on us next year – we’ll make it easier, quicker and more efficient for you to get onboard with us…. and perhaps you can also change your life in 2015.


Jessica (United States)

Jessica (1 of 1)

2014 has been an amazing year at Fabrily! We’ve grown so much throughout the year in all kinds of ways and I have loved seeing the personal growth of all our campaigners as well!

One of my favourite examples of this is seeing Anant Bhogaita get better and better throughout the year. He joined Fabrily in March 2014 and did well for the first few months but then really hit it big in September during our German competition and came in 3rd place. He was so happy about this which made me even happier for him–I love seeing our campaigners succeed! There have been many campaigners throughout the year with similar experiences and these moments always make my day!


Carmen (Spain)


Fabrily has been the major working adventure of my whole life. I have touched almost every single aspect in the company: Account Management, Customer Service, Marketing, Ops, Translations…I feel so lucky to have this overview of Fabrily! My favourite moments:

  • Going multilingual and the Teemaker: Translating the website to my own language made me so proud of being part of Fabrily and watching the company become truly global.
  • The Vietnamese “guru” and all his students: watching Hung succeed with our platform and getting to know all of these successful Vietnamese campaigners has been great.


Julia (Austria)

Julia (1 of 1)

The most exciting moments for me are when I help campaigners with research into the German speaking market, when I help them with the designs, and when I give them tips on how to promote their campaigns, and then see them succeeding with these campaigns. Another exciting moment is analysing new potential campaigner markets and to get people from all over the world interested in our business.


Alice (Italy)

Alice (1 of 1)

Fabrily is a young, stimulating, dynamic and fast-growing work environment where I had the chance to switch among different roles and responsibilities, from account management activities to advertising and from analytic tasks to UX testing and design.

One of the most challenging tasks I accomplished here has been the development of Fabrily’s Italian market through intensive research and outreach. Contributing to the massive translation work to create the Italian version of the website and helping non-Italian speakers with suggestions and insights about the Italian market has also been very rewarding work. This allowed many of our campaigners to obtain very good results launching many successful campaigns in Italy.


Haritz (Basque Country)

Haritz (1 of 1)

I really do believe that Fabrily is a vibrant company with an amazing creative working environment. I feel that I am learning so much from my colleagues as well as from the challenges we have met and overcome. There have been many highlights during my time in Fabrily but if I have to choose one, I would say Fabrily’s trip to a screen-printing workshop in London is one of my favourites as I got to learn more about the process and could use that knowledge to help our campaigners understand the process as well. We had an amazing time and we got to produce our own T-Shirts. So cool! I even got to indulge my creative side and create a video of the day. I must say that in the video all my colleagues look gorgeous, natural and very, very happy. This is because there is nothing fake to it, we truly are a united & energetic team. I encourage all of you to take a look at us in action!


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