Fabrily 2014 Part 3: Heroic rats and new features cap off a great year for Elina

Hi Fabrilous friends! Let me introduce myself, my name is Elina, and I am a Campaign Manager here at Fabrily. 2014 has certainly been a year to remember! After joining the Fabrily Team I got to be a part of the launch of some of our great new features. My personal favourite new feature was the introduction of kids’ clothing.


We are always very excited to expand our product options list for campaigners, and this year we had the opportunity to add children’s products! Fabrily now offers adorable children’s tees, hoodies and onesies for campaigns which are also all VAT exempt in the UK and EU. Another feature we updated for campaigners is our campaign store; campaign stores can now be created and customized directly from each campaigner’s Fabrily account!

A perfect example of a great campaigner using these new features would be APOPO’s HeroRATs campaign. APOPO is a social enterprise that develops rats’ technology to provide solutions for global problems – like detecting land mines, tuberculosis, and more! After APOPO decided to run a campaign with us, we helped them create a campaign store where they featured different product options for both adults and kids.

The store had a unique URL, cover photo and description to motivate and introduce buyers to the brand. In the end, APOPO’s HeroRATs were able to raise over £2,560 (US$4000, €3200) in their first campaign – not bad for their first ever venture into merchandise! Profits raised will go to the APOPO training centre in Morogoro where their furry friends learn those lifesaving skills like the detection of land mines or tuberculosis.

Selling items with Fabrily requires creativity and a ‘can-do’ attitude. No campaigner is marketing to the same audience, so don’t be afraid to try a few different approaches to find the channel that resonates with your community. At the end of the day, we are here to do everything we can to help you make your campaign a success, and we love seeing the different ways campaigners achieve their desired outcomes. HeroRATs really went that extra mile and it paid dividends.

The artwork from the hugely popular HeroRATs campaign.

When I look back at what we have achieved so far in assisting and supporting several organizations and individuals from all walks of life to raise money and awareness for important causes, l feel honoured to be a member of the Fabrily family. If you wish to be a Fabrilous member and spread the word out for a special cause don’t hesitate to contact us. Stay tuned as more exciting updates are fast approaching!


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