Fabrily Team spreads holiday cheer this year by donating warm, comfy clothes to those in need!


This week the Fabrily Team visited a Centrepoint shelter in Camberwell Foyer to spread some holiday cheer and donate warm, comfy clothes to those in need. Centrepoint is a shelter that provides support and housing to young people ages 16 to 25. Each year, 80,000 young people experience homelessness in the UK…and many times this is caused through no fault of their own. The Camberwell Foyer shelter has 80 bed spaces, offering a safe and warm place for those who need it most, especially during these cold winter months.


Presents under the tree for residents!

Samantha G., Senior Supported Housing Officer of the Camberwell Foyer shelter oversaw the distribution of items amongst the shelter’s residents. She commented that the first box that was opened contained the “Keep Calm” hoodies, and that the young people loved these items and have asked for more!

“The designs on the hoodies really cheered up some of our residents and even inspired them to aspire to the careers identified; such as nurse, teaching assistant and architect. The male residents in particular, were very grateful, having hardly received any donations for the male gender as most of the stuff we get here at Camberwell is often made up for girls.”


An example of one of the “favourite” items donated!

Extra t-shirts and hoodies supplied by the Fabrily Team will also be used towards Centrepoint’s “Sports for Change” programme. These t-shirts and hoodies are vital to providing suitable wear for participants in the programme’s sports activities.

If you’d like to make a contribution to Centrepoint and help bring an end to youth homelessness please visit centrepoint.org.uk for more information.



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