Fabrily 2014: Fabrily Team recalls some of the startup’s biggest and best moments in 2014

Ever get to present a fundraising award to an extremely cool non-profit? I did! One of my favorite things about working at Fabrily is having the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and organizations from around the world. 2014 has been an exciting year for the entire Fabrily team, but for me personally it’s been a very eye-opening year. I’ve watched campaigners grow in so many ways, set and achieve supposedly unreachable goals, and learn more about themselves in the process.


Each week a member of the Fabrily Team will share a memorable experience with our blog readers and this week it’s my turn! I’m Kate, Community Marketing Manager and Campaign Team Manager at Fabrily. My team focuses on assisting individuals and organizations who want to raise funds for a cause, event, group, or to generate extra income for themselves or projects they’re working on (e.g. artists, musicians). One of the most memorable campaigns I worked on this year was a fundraiser for Bat Conservation Trust.

The Bat Conservation Trust Fundraiser – 500+ items sold!
Dr. Joe Nunez-Mino and I spoke for several weeks leading up the to campaign launch. Once we finalized the design and launched the campaign I shared our promotional guides with Dr. Joe and his team. We had high hopes for the campaign but neither of us expected the fantastic results that were to come! The campaign ended up selling over 500 items and we also found there were several additional benefits to running the campaign we had not anticipated.


In addition to raising several thousand pounds/euros/dollars, the organization experienced a substantial spike in social media activity and engagement. Their fan-base increased significantly during and after their Fabrily campaign as well as their interaction with followers. Campaign supporters were so excited about the campaign items that many of them posted photos or “selfies” of themselves with their new BCT items. This sparked an online buzz following the campaign and more and more people began requesting that BCT re-launch the campaign. The second campaign was just as successful as the first selling hundreds of items and raising significant funds for the organization.

What we learned from BCT’s success
I was very excited to present the fundraising achievement award to Dr. Joe once the campaigns had ended – his organization did a wonderful job following our promotional guides and also showed us the power of social media in terms of supporters’ ability to assist with campaign promotion. We also became aware of the benefits social media provides for campaigners in addition to the crowd-funding advantages provided by Fabrily…

  • Fabrily = risk free + cost free way to fundraise – because campaigners are able to focus on promotion (instead of order fulfillment) they have a higher chance of achieving their campaign goals
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become the tops channels for campaign promotion – we’re also starting to see more activity on Pinterest for campaign promotion
  • With shipping options to 178 countries/territories campaigners are able to increase their potential customer/supporter margin
  • Campaign supporters can be a HUGE asset in making your campaign a success; they assist with promotion by sharing the campaign online, add credibility to the campaign by posting photos with their items, and create buzz for your organization online
  • As a result of successful Fabrily campaigns, organizations have noticed an increase in engagement and social media activity online – due to interaction with their campaign supporters during and after the campaign

How are the funds being used?
Since BCT’s campaigns ended they have launched several new fundraisers. Dr. Joe filled me in on how the organization is using the funds they raised and I’m very excited to see the wonderful work they’re doing!


The funds raised through their Fabrily campaigns went towards the National Bat Helpline (0845 1300 228) wherein helpline officers provide advice to members of the public who encounter bats (they’ve had over 1400 calls in 2014). BCT also used the funds to maintain the “National Bat Monitoring Programme” which provides training to members of the public; the information these volunteers collect enables BCT to monitor bats across the UK. The funds are also being used for bat crime investigations as well as funding training, educational materials and support to over 100 local bat groups and thousands of volunteers. These groups and volunteers help BCT by giving talks, carrying out bat surveys, provide care to injured bats and so much more!

This could be you in 2015!


BCT’s campaign has been a fundraising inspiration for many organizations in 2014. BCT shared their campaigning experience with Charity Choice UK showing others that fundraising with Fabrily can be fun, simple, and hassle free. Since this campaign I have had the opportunity to work with so many more wonderful organizations and causes who were inspired by BCT’s success. 2014 has undoubtedly been an exciting year at Fabrily and I can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring!

All the best!


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