Fabrily attends the Institute of Fundraising’s Individual Giving Conference

On the 1st December 2014, Ben, Fabrily Campaign Manager and ‘all-round nice guy’ was lucky enough to attend the Institute of Fundraising’s Individual Giving Conference at the Regents Park Holiday Inn in London.


It was a fascinating insight into the world of fundraising and the 150 senior fundraisers from charities across the UK were treated to talks and seminars from experts in the field.

The conference opened with an address from Alberto Lidji, the Director of Development at the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation who formally served as director of EMEA, which specialised in capital introduction to emerging markets.

Having extensive experience in the private sector has given Lidji a unique perspective in his current role. He stressed the need for charities to embrace a healthy appetite for risk in order to achieve the sort of transformation that the sector aspires to. According to Lidji, nonprofits and private sector organisations had a great deal to learn from one another and a lot of potential to work together to achieve social aims.

The application of these principles to Fabrily is obvious – Fabrily is a private sector organisation that seeks to empower charities to be able to offer products to their supporters without financial risk.

Another highlight of the day was listening to Jennie York from WaterAid talk about the hugely successful “To be a girl” campaign. She spoke about the need to deliver a consistent narrative across all marketing and communication channels. It was inspiring stuff, with the campaign being able to raise vital funds to transform lives across the developing world.

Key Themes of the Day – Nonprofits…

  • Need to embrace risk-taking in order to achieve the transformations they aspire to
  • Need to deliver consistent, complimentary messaging across all marketing channels
  • Can learn a great deal from private sector organisations, and vice-versa
  • Have to ensure that they fundraise in a responsible way, being mindful of people in vulnerable circumstances

Overall, the conference gave the representatives of the many worthy causes in attendance plenty to think about. Many ideas from the conference could be implemented straight away, and it was fantastic to be able to mingle with so many people passionate about so many fantastic causes.


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