If you listened to the podcast interview last week then, you know who won “The Great British Viking Quest” t-shirt design contest! During the podcast, which featured Fabrily Team members Kate and Ben, as well as Sarah Weldon of Oceans Project and Roger Overall of StoryFoundry, we named Natalie S.R. of Mr. Grabowski’s 8th grade class as the winner! Natalie submitted her design all the way from Ontario, Canada and we thought it was great!

Natalie’s Design


Here’s the final result!

Navy Artwork

We received numerous design submissions during the month of October; here are some of the other finalists…


You can reserve a limited edition item now (designed by Natalie) from Oceans Project’s campaign store today! Profits from sales will help fund Sarah’s free educational classes for children in developed and developing countries. Funds raised will also help cover the cost of electronic devices for children in developing countries in order to give them the opportunity to attend these free classes. Thank you so much to all of the children who participated in the design contest, congratulations to Natalie, and please show your support for this wonderful cause by reserving an item or sharing Ocean Project’s campaign page today! After reserving your item make sure to participate in our “Tea & Tee” selfie contest to win some great prizes!


For more information on Sarah’s upcoming Viking Quest please click here!


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