Mel Langton: Artist and ‘roller derby girl with no mercy’ raises funds with Fabrily

Mel Langton, artist, illustrator and roller derby enthusiast decided to put her skills to the test by creating this wonderful “Roller Derby With no Mercy” tee. Despite this being her first campaign Mel was able to surpass her campaign goal and sold over 30 items!

Featured image

Since the success of her last campaign Mel has gone on to create her own campaign store to showcase more designs and fund her personal projects. Currently she has several edgy and one-of-a-kind designs available:

Featured image

Mel found that Fabrily was an ideal tool for artists to be able to showcase their work, and was kind enough to share her experience with us.

Can you please tell us a bit more about the “Roller Derby with No Mercy” campaign – how you came up with the design idea and how the funds raised were used?
As a freelance Illustrator in my spare time, I wanted to try and create a campaign where I could showcase my artwork and get it out to a wider audience, along with raising some funds to create new work for a couple of art shows I’ve taken part in recently. As I’ve also been playing Roller Derby with the Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls for coming up to 6 years, the theme of Roller Derby features quite heavily within my artwork, and so the ‘Roller Derby With No Mercy’ design was a natural choice for me to create, not only to show my artistic skills but also to help raise the awareness of the wonderful sport.

How did you initially hear about Fabrily? Why did you decide to use them to promote your artwork?
I had seen some of Fabrily’s t-shirts advertised through Facebook, targeting specific audiences, and as Roller Derby is such a fast growing sport with a strong fan-base I thought my design could potentially prove quite popular to trial. With a little more research in to Fabrily I decided it seemed like the perfect way for me to get my design printed on a range of garments whilst having no set up costs or stock to try and cover and without the hassle of running to the post office to deliver orders or deal with the customer payment side. It just seemed like the perfect solution with nothing to lose. I just needed to give it a go! 

How did you promote the campaign so that it reached its goal? Did one social media channel work better than another?
I promoted my design primarily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but also added it to my website and Pinterest pages. I asked my friends to share my posts, which was a great help. The experience really became a great learning curve for me in discovering how to try and market myself as an artist, along with creating my own little adverts and interesting images to show off the design on different social media sites, so I really felt I have gained some useful tools to my belt! I even ended up doing a series of different little Instagram images for the last 10 day countdown to keep the momentum of interest. Since going through the process it has had the bonus effect of increasing my social media fan bases, which in turn has lead to further commissions and, most excitingly for me, a collaboration is now on the cards with a Roller Derby company in the USA, who spotted my designs on Twitter!

Overall, how was your campaigning experience with Fabrily? Would you recommend the platform to other artists?
The Fabrily Team was incredibly helpful with any queries I’ve had throughout the process and I’ve been greatly impressed with them and also the amount of advice you can find about creating campaigns through their online tutorials. They have also helped by sharing my tweets on Twitter.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
You really don’t know unless you give it a go. Try not to be disheartened if things don’t take off straight away and keep at it, as you really have nothing to lose 🙂

For more art from Mel Langton visit her website and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

Want to launch your own Fabrily campaign? Register here and click “start a campaign”! Find easy and quick video tutorials on using the TeeMaker here, and visit our success stories page for promotional guides & tips!



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