Tis the season for campaigning: upgraded shipping, new store feature, and more!

We’ve got some GREAT new updates just in time for the holiday season!

Upgraded Shipping and Gift-Wrapping Options
Upgraded shipping options are now available for ALL customers! We really want your campaign supporters to get their items on-time for the big day so each person is able to select their own personal shipping preference when it comes to delivery. Also customers who want to purchase items as presents will have the ability to select our new gift-wrapping option at checkout!


If you would like to make sure that orders will arrive in time for the holidays please refer to the timetable listed below; here you can see the dates the “campaign must end by” in order for the items to arrive in time for Christmas day based on customer location.


If your campaign is ending after one of the specified dates above please let customers know they’ll need to upgrade shipping if they want the item to arrive in time for Christmas.

Children’s Products at Fabrily
We are very excited to announce that children’s clothing are now included in Fabrily’s product options for campaigns! You can now create campaigns featuring children’s unisex t-shirts, hoodies, and onesies. These new items are sure to be a hit and we can’t wait to see what adorable designs campaigners come up with for these new products!


Baby onesies, kid’s shirts and hoodies are now available!

New Customizable Stores
Now campaigners are able to create custom stores directly from their Fabrily account! Creating a campaign store is very simple and it’s a great new feature as you’re able to add cover images to your store page, share multiple campaigns with one link, and much more! Visit this blog post for more details on Fabrily stores and how to set one up yourself.


This is another update you’ve been waiting for – now instead of collecting payment at the end of the campaign we will charge customers for their orders as soon as the campaign is successful! This update will help ensure the ability to collect payment for all campaign orders (more sales & less failed payments!); now customers will have plenty of time to contact support@fabrily.com and sort out any payment issues they might have in time for order production. This new feature is sure to lead to many more happy customers and campaigners.

Google Analytics
For campaigners who use online ads to boost campaign sales you’ll be happy to hear Fabrily.com now supports Google Analytics! For more information on this update please click here.



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