EVOLVE! Campaigns: using T-shirt Activism to raise awareness for a cruelty-free lifestyle



“Moral evolution means widening our circle of compassion – and the principles of respect and justice – to embrace all sentient beings.”

EVOLVE! Campaigns’ mission is to raise awareness and educate the public about the benefits of a non-violent, plant-based diet and lifestyle. Their aim is to stimulate a more responsible attitude towards our planet and advance ethics through encouragement of a more considerate and evolved regard for animals.


Up to date the organization has hosted several successful Fabrily campaigns raising hundreds of Pounds/Dollars/Euros for awareness projects and animals in need. Their most recent campaign No Violence, No Victims. That’s Why I’m Vegan has just launched and has already reached its campaign goal. EVOLVE! Campaign team members have kindly agreed to discuss their campaigning experience with Fabrily and offers helpful advice on launching and promoting a successful campaign.


Can you please tell us a bit more about the work your organization does?
EVOLVE! Campaigns exists primarily to raise awareness about the animal using industries. Since we began 5 years ago we have tried various forms of activism and from experience we have grown and shifted our focus accordingly. Whereas we were once out on the streets promoting veganism through leaflet drops, educational talks and food events, we have in the past couple of years noticed how powerful social media can be. Backed up by our website, the amount of positive feedback we receive through our Facebook page is phenomenal. Social media has the power to break through the mainstream media’s propaganda and gives activists an opportunity to present the truth. People’s interest in adopting a cruelty-free lifestyle has grown dramatically in recent years and our page numbers have exploded. Our campaigns are largely web based these days and we follow up all interest with helpful advice on transitioning to and maintaining a vegan lifestyle.

Why did you decide to use Fabrily for your awareness & fundraising campaigns?
“T-shirt activism” as we call it was an idea we had toyed with – members of our page had asked if we could create t-shirts – but we didn’t know how to implement it. In the past, for other campaigns, we had ordered bulk quantities of printed shirts ourselves and had found the upfront costs a huge drain and therefore not practical. When we found out that with Fabrily costs are not an issue, we decided to give it a go!

Overall how has your campaigning experience been with Fabrily? 
Our experiences with Fabrily have been entirely positive. They have been even better since they have introduced new design styles and the TeeMaker which means you can launch your own campaign very easily. Being able to offer different styles and colours is excellent and makes the whole campaign so much more inviting.

An important part of your campaigns is spreading positive messages in a non-confrontational way; do you feel that using clothing helps to achieve this goal?
As I mentioned before, “t-shirt activism” is a perfect way to spread a compassionate message without saying a word. It appeals to many people who may not have the confidence to express themselves verbally. Wearing a message on a shirt also means that others are more likely to come to you to ask questions. Attempting to discuss issues like animal cruelty and veganism can often be seen as ‘forcing your views’ and however passionately expressed is liable to be rejected. Wearing a message on your clothing actually invites discussion. Try it and see!

Every campaign EVOLVE! launches has a completely unique design; how do you select the designs for each new campaign?
Over the past 5 years we have created over 700 hundred campaign graphics and it’s one of the things we are most known for on Facebook. Some of the quotes and slogans lend themselves well to going on a t-shirt and so those are the ones we have chosen so far.

All EVOLVE! campaigns on Fabrily.com have been successful (usually with over 100 shirts sold each time); can you provide promotional tips and advice for other organizations hoping raise funds and awareness through Fabrily.com?
We would say that when picking a design it’s a good idea to use something that you already know is popular with your followers. If you are not sure then do a mock-up of a couple of designs and ask which one they like. That way your followers feel they are being involved and it also whets their appetite for the forthcoming campaign. When promoting your campaign, use as many social media outlets as possible. We use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for ours but there are others that can be utilized too like Instagram. Something we noticed really helps is rather than just posting a link to your campaign, create a graphic showing a variety of the designs and colours you are offering – it gives that instant visual stimulation you need to grab people’s attention and is much more likely to be shared too.

If there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Only that if you are considering giving a t-shirt campaign a try through Fabrily, we would definitely recommend you go for it!

Visit EVOLVE! Campaign’s website for more information on all the wonderful work this organization does. Make sure to like them on Facebook and follow their Twitter account too!


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