Fabrily team learns the tricks of the trade!

Last Saturday the Fabrily team descended upon Print Club London in order to better understand the screen-printing process. It was a fascinating insight into the complexities of screen printing!

Print Club London (1 of 1)

As well as having loads of fun, the team learned a great deal from our instructor Olly, who took us through the steps from the design right the way through to the finished product. The team was rewarded at the end of the day with four garments with their design on it (although some of the earlier tries may have had a few little mishaps!)

Step 1: Choosing the Design
The designs were selected by each member of the team, and had to meet certain specifications. We were only allowed a single colour, either black or orange, and the artwork needed to be high quality (300 dpi, and 3000 pixels x 3000 pixels). As we found out, printing multiple colours means preparing multiple screens and repeating the process below, adding each layer of colour separately and meticulously. So we definitely have a newfound respect for the difficulties of printing more than one colour!

Step 2: Screens need to be prepared
The design was then transferred to the screens which is a complicated process involving an emulsion, scoopers, a potentially blinding UV light, a dark room, and just a little bit of love. Once this process was completed, we had a lovely looking design that’s ready to be inked and transferred to the garment.

print design

A finished screen ready to be flooded with ink and transferred onto the garment

Step 3: Ink and Flood the Screen
The screen then has to be flooded with ink so that it is ready for the final step…

Step 4: Pull the Screen…
Pressure has to be applied at an angle using a squeegee, which transfers the ink through the screen and onto the garment.

alice screen printing

Alice ‘pulling’ the ink, transferring the design onto her T-shirt…

Step 5: The shirts are then put through the dryer…
Print Club London (1 of 1)-38

And voilà!
Irene print club

Irene proudly showing off her new Fabrily-themed tote bag.

The team had so much fun, so we just want to give a big thank you again to all the team at Print Club London. The team were proud as punch with their new wares. We learnt a great deal about the supply side of what we do, and just how much care goes into the production of all the wonderful products that Fabrily offers to our loyal campaigners and customers.

team print club

Visit the Fabrily Facebook page for more photos! 🙂



  1. Great work guys. Would have been a pretty sweet day out. It’s always great to learn the process, especially something that is such a big part of it. Love the behind the scenes stuff! Keep sharing 🙂

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