Campaigner Spotlight—Anant Bhogaita


Anant is a campaigner from the UK who joined Fabrily in March 2014. He works as a pharmacist and sells tees as a side business. We recently reached out to him to learn more about his tee journey and his secret to success!

How/why did you get into selling custom apparel online?
I came across the online tee selling income opportunity back in early March 2014, after purchasing an e-course on Facebook marketing. The example they used was Teespring, the US model. Straight away, I saw the potential of selling tees online. After all, EVERYONE, young or old, male or female wears tees at some point, and what a way to make a person feel special, saying “WOW this is made for me!” It is also something that can give you repeatable sales. I joined Teespring and the few Facebook groups on tee selling that were available at the time.

I had looked at various other online opportunities, but had no success, probably due to the fact that I lacked time. I work as a Locum Pharmacist in Leicester, UK, and wanted a side line hobby-come-business so I could cut down my long standing tiring hours in my pharmacy job. Whatever I found, needed a lot of time and effort which I couldn’t put in due to my long days in my regular 9-7 job. Don’t get me wrong, this tee thing is time consuming and not as easy as you think, but it is enjoyable and addictive! Especially when you hit the numbers.

The more I searched on the net and came across names such as Don Wilson, Nishant Bhardwaj, Jason Tax, Sanjay Modha and Manny Hanif, the more determined I was to dig deeper into the opportunity and join them. I thought, “If others could do this, why couldn’t I”. This and the determination not to give up, as preached by many in the groups, keep me going.

What were the biggest challenges you faced when you started?
This opportunity is relatively new. Being in the UK, I asked in the groups if there was something similar to Teespring in the UK and Europe. I was pointed to Fabrily. After a total of fifteen failed campaigns collectively on Teespring and Fabrily, and spending £800 on Facebook ad spend and courses, I eventually sold a total of 99 same designed shirts on both platforms in the same week, and this was without scaling as I had no clue how to do the scaling part. No one could show me a right formula, I had to learn my way, and this was the hardest thing to come to terms with. Sure people in the groups guide you, but you learn by trying and failing, and making your own formula to make it work. There is no right answer or blue print to follow.

What has been your experience so far selling in Europe?
This opportunity is not saturated in the UK and Europe, and there are untapped niches which we could all explore to our advantage. Having grown up in the UK, I understood the differences in tastes between UK and USA audiences and culture. You wouldn’t, for example, create a “This Team Makes Me Drink” tee for a losing UK team. It just wouldn’t sell! Tee pricing in Euros and Pounds with VAT issues is also another mastery to learn, which Fabrily could advise you on.

After layering my original design to other UK audiences, I had small successes on Fabrily, but still couldn’t get the big numbers. Then in September, Fabrily came up with their German competition. Scratching my head thinking what to do, a light switch flicked! My original design had an element in it which was hot with the Germans! The Fabrily team did a free German campaign write-up for me and I re-launched the design on Fabrily targeting the German and Swiss audience. Straight away sales started coming in and then I “gambled” at pumping up the ad spend. This worked, and I realised the BIG secret to successful selling numbers was to SCALE, SCALE and SCALE your ads! At one point, I was selling a tee a minute for half an hour. I sold a total of 367, and came 3rd in the Fabrily German competition.

What advice would you give to new internet marketers on Fabrily?
Remember, there is a lot to learn from Facebook groups and free webinars on YouTube, learn from your failures, there is always room for improvement and NEVER give up. I remember Ezra Wykof saying in his course, words to the effect “Everyone who joins this opportunity will eventually crack it. Don’t give up”. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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  1. Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog? My blog is in the exact same niche as yours and my visitors would genuinely benefit from some of the information you present here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Cheers!

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