NEW UPDATES AT FABRILY: New campaign product combination, new profit selection feature, and new product option!

Today the Fabrily team released some new features that we know you’ll be excited about!

Sell Hoodies & Tees Together
You can now sell hoodies and tees in the same campaign! When you set up a hoodie campaign using the TeeMaker, you will now see the option to add additional styles. You may have up to 4 styles per campaign and each item style can have 4 colour options.


Different Profits Per Style
In addition to the ability to combine hoodies & tees in the same campaign, you can now also choose a different profit/selling price for each item style. Just enter your desired profit in the “profit per sale” field next to each style.


Have you been wanting to sell zip-up hoodies? Well, now you can! Our zoodies come in a great selection of colours and printing is done on the back. Zoodies may not be combined with other styles. Check out  our product option post for recommended selling prices.


Check out this 4 minute video for a quick walk-through on these new updates!


Visit the Fabrily YouTube Channel for more helpful videos!



  1. One thing I am not totally clear on. Is the profit number just used to set the sale price, so that if you sell more than your target then the actual profit would be higher because the unit cost drops, or does it mean you get the same profit whether you sell 50 or 100?

    1. Hi James, the more items you sell the more your profit will increase. So if you surpass your selling goal of 20, and sell 30, 40, 50+ items, the items’ base cost will decrease and profit margin increase.

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