New Updates at Fabrily: Improved user interface, mobile optimization, goal dropping abilities, and more!

Campaign Page Updates

Today the Fabrily tech team released a series of updates that are sure to improve both customer and campaigner user experience on and is expected to increase campaign conversions as well.

Extended Mobile Functionality
With mobile shopping on the rise at an international level we have made it a priority to further optimize for online mobile shopping. This update will prove exceedingly useful as we approach the holiday season. An updated campaign layout with easy-to-view campaign details and links will encourage higher conversion rates for customers visiting from their mobile device.

Updated User Interface
You’ll notice new social media icons on campaign page images to encourage campaign sharing as well as new icons for the currency selection and language selection options.

new campaign layout

Campaign Dashboard Updates

“Drop Goal” Ability
Campaigners now have the ability to lower the goal for any of their campaigns. This feature can be accessed by clicking the “Drop Goal” link which is now listed on all currently running campaigns within your dashboard.

goal drop

After clicking “Drop Goal” a window will appear where you’ll be able to select the selling goal for your campaign. Keep in mind once you have lowered a goal it cannot be raised again afterwards.

goal drop 2

Email Notifications
Campaigners will now receive an email 24 hours before their campaign ends if it has achieved 50% – 99% of its goal. This email will function as a reminder to the campaigner to lower the goal of their campaign in order to achieve a successful campaign status.

For more helpful information and videos on Fabrily visit our Internet Marketer Resources page!



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