Fundraising with Community Support: giffgaff ChariTEE Fundraiser 2014


One of the keys to running a successful fundraiser is to focus on getting community involvement and giffgaff‘s latest fundraiser is a perfect example of this! giffgaff is a UK mobile company run by a tight-knit team who focus on providing members with the best mobile experience possible and are passionate about contributing to important causes!


In the last months giffgaff has hosted several different fundraisers for various causes and their most recent fundraiser involves some serious input from the giffgaff community. Community members were asked to submit designs for the new ChariTEE fundraiser which would benefit a housing and homelessness charity. After the designs were narrowed down and over 1677 votes placed the winning design was selected and giffgaff’s newest fundraiser was launched on


The campaign was a success and sold over 100 shirts. Sarah W., a giffgaff staff member (educator), has kindly agreed to provide us with more information on the company’s latest fundraiser and explains how the giffgaff community helped make this campaign a success.

How did you originally hear about Fabrily – why did you decide to use them for this fundraiser?
ChariTEE is a member inspired, designed, voted, promoted and campaigned Idea which we originally used a USA based company for our needs. Last year there wasn’t a UK alternative which required no upfront investment so this year we wanted to use a UK based website that could take full control of delivery, postage and packaging.

Your chariTEE design contest had such a great turnout – why did you decide to have community members design the shirt?
This is what giffgaff is about – We do things different from other mobile networks and are run by our community. We try to do our part to make the world a better place by helping charities and support causes selected by our members.

How will the funds generated through this campaign be used?
giffgaff donated 100% of profits made to our members’ chosen charity. Lovely Jubbly. 

Can you please provide tips to other organizations hoping to run a similar fundraiser – what promotional methods have you used for this campaign to boost campaign sales?
Get the people who are going to wear your shirt to be as involved as possible. Due to our community, we did this for charity, but if you’re using a T-shirt to highlight a cause or for fun, allow those who will invest to get involved.

Would you recommend using the Fabrily platform to other companies or organizations?
We had a pleasant experience using Fabrily; we reached our goal, supported a worthy charity and got our community involved at every stage.

Is there any other advice or information you’d like to share?
It was great to have the tools needed to enable our community to be the charitable bunch they are. Thanks to everyone involved.

The Fabrily Team would like to congratulate giffgaff on their successful campaign! To view their campaign page and see the winning design just click here. For more on Fabrily Success Stories please click this link.



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