Fight For Rhinos: Raising funds & inspiring wildlife rangers with Fabrily


If you’ve ever needed someone in your corner during a tough time Tisha would be our first choice! This feisty young woman is determined to do justice by the rhinos of Africa by protecting them from poachers, funding rhino preservation efforts, and raising awareness for this and other endangered species.


Tisha created her non-profit organization Fight for Rhinos and went to work on educating the public on the plight of the rhino and showing them different ways they can support her cause. One of these ways was though a recent Fabrily campaign in which Tisha aimed to raise funds and awareness for her cause as well as remind the Kenyan Wildlife Rangers that they are not alone in their fight to protect the wildlife of Kenya.

Tisha launched her first Fabrily campaign this past July and was able to sell over 80 items, 13 of which she sent directly to wildlife rangers in Kenya.

Tisha shared these meme to help boost campaign sales!

We’ve asked Tisha to share some insight on her fundraising experience, the wonderful work she does, and to provide any advice and tips for other animal activists out there who are hoping to raise funds and awareness for their cause.


Can you please tell us a bit more about what Fight for Rhinos does? How are the funds raised through your Fabrily campaign being used?
Fight for Rhinos began out of frustration and outrage over the poaching crisis in Africa. 3 rhinos are slaughtered every day just for their horns! I started a blog, soon it grew into a non-profit. Partnering with the UK based Helping Rhinos, we provide funding for training for rangers, equipment (such as a gyrocopter), and general funding for anti-poaching programs.

You were able to double your campaign goal; can you provide any tips and advice on how you promoted your campaign?
CONSTANT marketing! I always put some form of reminder out there, via twitter, facebook, tumblr, email. No stone unturned. Initially I was concerned it would be too forward, but it seemed to do the job.

Did you notice any promotional methods that were the more effective than others?
Twitter and Facebook were the most successful. Making memes like the one you posted of the rangers was helpful too.

How was your campaigning experience with Fabrily? Would you recommend the platform to other organizations hoping to raise funds and awareness for their cause?
It was relatively easy, and the best part was there was nothing to lose! It was the perfect fundraiser for us, being a small but growing non-profit. In addition, when we had questions, we received prompt replies which was re-assuring. Not only would I recommend them, I already have!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
As a compassionate animal lover, since I was a kid I’ve been told “You can’t save ’em all.” But that doesn’t mean I won’t try! The idea of starting a non-profit was daunting. I wondered if I could make a difference. But following my passion, I took the leap. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s worth it! Anyone CAN make a difference. Use your talent(s) and follow your heart.

Congratulations to Tisha on her successful campaign from the Fabrily Team! For more on Fundraising and Success Stories please click here. You can start your own Fabrily campaign by creating an account and uploading your design with the new TeeMaker; for campaign assistance (design creation or campaign set-up help) please email



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