Fundraising with Fabrily: Meet one mum who raised funds for her son’s school trip with Fabrily!


You don’t have to be a non-profit organization to launch a great fundraising campaign on; anyone can do it! Meet Sarah W., she created a Fabrily campaign to raise funds for her son’s school trip to Ghana. Sarah’s campaign did very well and ended up selling over 60 items.

Sarah created her design and added it to these tops using the Fabrily TeeMaker!

Sarah has kindly agreed to provide us with some insight into her campaigning experience and offers advice on how she was able to achieve such successful results

Your campaign was meant to raise funds for your son’s school trip to Ghana; can you tell us a little bit about the trip?
Yes, the trip takes place in October 2015 and there are 3 groups 16 heading out from my son’s school – East Leake Academy. The trip lasts for 10 days and the teams will be literally getting stuck in from word go, by meeting the community and helping with the continuation of this much needed orphanage. The work will be physically challenging due to the heat out there, but also mentally challenging as we understand that the community have so little – however, what they do have they will value hugely.

Your “zero to zoom” whippet design is fantastic, how did you come up with the design and did you create it yourself? If yes what program did you use (photoshop, adobe, etc.)?
I came up with my design through my love of whippets – we own a whippet ourselves and they are a rather individual and quirky breed! I liked the idea of a silhouette-type design, as I thought this could appeal to all without being too specific in colour. After a few weeks of deliberation and design, I came up with my ‘Zero to Zoom’ whippet! He has a lovely long snout which whippets are well-known and loved for. I played around in Publisher, making my simple whippet outline with the drawing tool. Then added the colour and wording.

What methods did you use to promote your campaign? Did any method in particular appear to work more effectively than others?
I promoted my t-shirt design on a Facebook page which I love and regularly visit, called The Whippet Appreciation Society. It currently has 14,579 members worldwide! What I find so amazing now is that people from all over the world will now be wearing a t-shirt that I designed! I updated the page every 2-3 days and each time a flood of orders were placed.

Overall how was your fundraising experience with Fabrily? 
My experience with Fabrily was very exciting from word go. Once I had uploaded my design and added text about my fundraising campaign, my t-shirts went live and people started purchasing them! I found the Fabrily site very straightforward. 

Would you recommend the platform to other parents who are interested in fundraising for certain causes and events too?
I would recommend Fabrily to any parents, carers or students wishing to raise money for fundraising events at schools or universities.

Do you have any other comments or advice you’d like to share?
Thank you to Fabrily for helping to raise well over £300 for our campaign!

If you’re interested in launching your own fundraiser you can start a campaign using the new TeeMaker (like Sarah did!) or email for assistance. For more campaign success stories click here.


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