Important updates at Fabrily: New TeeMaker, new products, new features and more!

TeeMaker Updates

NEW 3-step campaign setup process
We’ve updated the Fabrily TeeMaker to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible. Now when you click “start a campaign” from your dashboard you’ll be able to launch campaigns using an easy 3-step process. Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions:


Hyperlinks in campaign description
Campaigners can now add hyperlinks directly to their campaign description linking to internal and external pages. While you’re setting up a campaign with the TeeMaker just click on the hyperlink symbol as shown below, for “target” make sure to select “new window” so that when the customer clicks the link a new window opens instead of linking away from the campaign page. 


Campaign Updates & New Features

Direct colour/style access URL
Want to direct customers to a specific product and/or colour when they click on your ad? This is now possible with the new direct colour/style access URL; at the end of your campaign link URL you can add this code: “?s=X&c=X”. Example:

The value “s” = product style and “c”= product colour. Each product style on your campaign is represented by a number, so your main product is 1, your second product is 2, etc. If you enter the number 1 for your product style, ex. “s=1” this means that your main product will be displayed; by entering the number 2 your second product style will be displayed, and so on. The same goes for colour options; you can determine which colour is displayed by entering the matching number for the value “c”. The colour options for your main product are visible in a row on your campaign page; example unisex shirt is available in blue (1), red (2), green (3), yellow (4). If you’d like to feature the main product in yellow you would use the URL:

We understand that this is a bit difficult to explain in writing so it’s best if you watch this quick video to get a full understanding of the new direct style/colour URL access feature:


NEW RELAUNCH campaign option
Perhaps one of the most exciting new features being released today is the ability to re-launch campaigns (whether it ended successfully, unsuccessfully, or was cancelled)! Within your campaign dashboard all campaigns that have ended now have a new “Relaunch” link; in the same area as the “Edit/Cancel/Tracking” links. The campaign will re-start with all of the same details as the previous campaign (with a reset goal and new dates). One of the best aspects of this new feature is the URL of the re-launched campaign will be the same as the original campaign– so if you’re using ads you won’t have to create new ads for the new campaign URL.


NEW RECUR campaign option
You can now set your campaigns to “recur” or “re-launch” immediately after the campaign has ended. You’ll notice within your campaigner dashboard that all of your currently running campaigns have a new option under “Edit/Cancel/Tracking Codes” which gives you the option to select “Yes” or “No” for a recurring campaign. If you select “Yes” your campaign will re-launch immediately after it has ended and feature the same exact details as the previous campaign, including the same URL.


Product Updates

More product styles and colours
If you wanted more style and colour options for campaigns then today is your lucky day! Campaigns can now feature 4 different product styles (ex. unisex shirts, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, etc.) and each product style can feature 4 colour options! This new feature will allow you to present your customers with a plethora of product possibilities!

 NEW v–neck unisex and ladies shirts now available
We are always searching for new items to feature in campaigns! We’re excited to announce that standard v-neck unisex and ladies shirts have been added to the product style options – to check out these new items log-in to your campaigner dashboard and use the new TeeMaker today!


You can visit the Fabrily YouTube channel for more videos or check out the Internet Marketer Resources page on the Fabrily blog for more information.



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