Important Updates at Fabrily: tracking pixels, payouts, and more!

Campaign Updates

Base Price Reduction
We understand that expanding the profit margin whenever possible is important to all campaigners; as we’ve grown we have been able to benefit from the economies of scale and pass these savings on to you. We have just lowered the cost of unisex tees (our MOST popular item) by £1 (about $1.65 USD/€1.25 EURO) which will contribute to your campaigns by allowing you a higher profit margin for any unisex shirt campaign.

Add your own tracking pixel instantly!
Campaigners are now able to add their own tracking pixels and retargeting pixels to their campaigns. Instead of using the full pixel script campaigners can submit the pixel ID number directly from their campaign dashboard.

To add a tracking pixel log-in to your Fabrily account. Once you are logged in you’ll notice there is a new “Tracking Codes” link on the campaigns listed within your dashboard.


Click on this link to open the tracking code box – here you can enter the code ID for your campaign instantly!


To get your tracking pixel ID please refer to your tracking code; the ID can be found within the code script:

Tracking pixel ID example:

success tracking imave

Here is an example of the retargeting pixel ID:

remarketing imae

Campaign Dashboard Updates

New filter to organize campaigns
Campaigners are now able to use a filter and search function within your dashboard which enables you to sift through your different campaigns. You can search for campaigns based on if they are running, reached goal, finished successfully, finished unsuccessfully, or cancelled. This tool is a great way to organize your dashboard and makes managing multiple campaigns much easier.

dashboard filter

Hold and resume payouts
In addition to adding Payoneer as a payout option we have also enabled campaigners to put their own payments on hold if they like; you can request for payments to be put on hold and select the date you want the payout to be sent. You can also choose to resume payouts that have been put on hold at any time. This feature is great for campaigners who prefer to send bulk payouts to minimize transfer fees.

hold payments

For other important updates and the latest tools available for campaigners please visit the Internet Marketer Resources page on the Fabrily blog.



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