New payout options at Fabrily: Paypal Mass Payments and Payoneer now available!

We have some exciting changes to announce with regards to how we payout earnings to campaigners:

  • Moving forward, we will be making all payouts within 2 business days
  • There is no fees for PayPal payments anymore. We are now using PayPal Mass Payment so we will be paying the PayPal fees on our side
  • You can now get paid in USD or GBP using Payoneer; Payoneer offers two different methods of payout:
    • Global Bank Transfer in which the money is sent directly to your local bank account
    • Prepaid Card in which the money is sent to your personal card (provided by Payoneer) which functions just like a credit/debit card
  • Of course, free bank transfers in the UK are available as usual along with international wire transfer for a small fee
  • If you would like us to hold payments for you and bulk transfer it at once, please email and let us know

You can select your payout method in the My Account section of your Dashboard. Sign up for a new Payoneer account through your Fabrily account and receive free card activation and free bank transfers (via Payoneer) until Septemeber 20th!

We can now transfer funds via Payoneer in USD or GBP – to link your Payoneer account please use your PAYONEER USERNAME (not PayPal)

We are continuously working on improving our payout methods and seeing where we can reduce the fees/charges for you. If you have any questions regarding payouts, please email and we will be happy to help.



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