More 2.0 updates at Fabrily: TeeMaker V2, multi-language site, and webinar recording!

TeeMaker v2: Additional Products, Text Editor, new mockups!
The newest version of the Fabrily TeeMaker is now available! Now you can add additional products to your campaign instantly (no need to wait for them to be added after the campaign has launched) – just select the different products you want to feature on the campaign page, apply your design and go!  Another new feature is the text editor; now you can create custom text designs for your campaigns using the many different fonts available.  Also, we have listened to your feedback and updated the garment mockup for the unisex shirts; we will be adding new mockups for other products very soon as well. Make sure to log in to your Fabrily account, click “start a campaign” and test out the new features!



Multiple Languages on


 Now you can view in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German! This is going to be a huge advantage for campaigners targeting countries that speak these languages.  The website’s language is determined by the viewer’s location (i.e. if you’re in Spain the site will appear in Spanish automatically), to select a different language just click on the small globe icon at the top of the web page.



Webinar Recording
In case you missed it we hosted a webinar on July 8th which covered a lot of useful topics like niche markets, top selling items, top buying countries and more! The webinar had a big turnout and we’d like to thank our guest speakers (internet marketers with a lot of experience in the field) for the great advice and useful tips they shared with us. Below is a recording of the webinar; you can also view the recording directly from the Fabrily YouTube channel.


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