Success Stories: How Vicki was able to sell 150+ shirts for Marie Curie on

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Vicki is raising funds for an organization that has personally touched her life. In December 2014 Vicki lost her mother to cancer and in gratitude for the free care and kindness provided by Marie Curie Nurses she has decided to take part in the Sri Lanka trek for Marie Curie Hospice, Bradford 2015 in order to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Vicki's Mother

Vicki’s Mother and her inspiration for fundraising!

So far Vicki has raised just over £1,500 through her two JustGiving campaigns, but she’s not stopping there! Vicki launched her first Fabrily campaign this past month and soon after the initial launch of her campaign Vicki was not only able to reach her selling goal, but triple it! She was able to raise over £860/$1400 from tank tops sales alone!

She’s just launched her second Fabrily campaign and hopes to raise even more funds with these adorable tops!

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Vicki has kindly agreed to tell us about her campaigning experience and offer tips and advice on how she’s been able to launch such successful fundraising campaigns.

Can you please provide us with a bit of insight on why you’ve chosen to raise funds for Marie Curie?
I lost my mum to cancer just before Christmas. The team at Bradford Marie Curie was amazing. They are truly very special people. Nothing was ever too much. They didn’t just take care of my mum but all of us. They even laid on a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings for all 15 of us with nurses coming in on days off to serve. 

Starting a fundraiser on your own can be a bit daunting, do you have any advice for people who want to start a fundraiser for a special cause but aren’t sure how to go about it?
 Usually when you fundraise you already know who its for. Check out the websites etc and get advice. There are so many ways to fundraise and it can become something of an obsession (like mine)!

Your previous Fabrily campaign was very successful; can you tell us what methods you used to promote your fundraiser? 
Everything! I set up a facebook page, tweeted it – stayed up until early hours to tweet different time zones. I targeted specific types of FB pages to get the admins to share the link to my campaign. I pestered friends,colleagues, and family all to share and spread the word about my campaign. I got an interview on the local radio Leeds Breakfast Show and an article in my local newspaper the Ilkley Gazette. 

How has your campaigning experience been with Fabrily so far? Would you recommend using Fabrily to others?
Definitely – they have been incredibly supportive and helped me promote it too on social media– very easy to do and great staff – especially Kate!

At the end of this fundraiser you’ll be participating in the Sri Lanka trek for Marie Curie Hospice – what does that involve exactly?
A lot of walking!!!! It’s a 9 day trip with 5 days hiking through forests and up mountain sides. It will be very physically demanding and no doubt emotional, as most of the people going will have been affected by the loss of someone

You’re doing such a wonderful thing for the people who will benefit from the funds you’ve raised for this organization – is there anything else you’d like to share about your fundraising journey?
 This won’t stop here. I have already booked a Ladies Fashion Show and Dinner in Ilkley with a new local musician group performing tickets are on sale now for £27.50. I am also planning a charity golf day next year and have tee off slots already booked. I will also be holding a pack a bag in Morrisons Guiesley on the 20th July and would welcome volunteers! Please watch my Facebook page and upcoming website for all the ways to support!

Please support Vicki’s newest fundraiser by visiting the campaign page, purchasing a tank top, or sharing her campaign via social media!


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