Alex Wright has chosen to protect one of the most feared and misunderstood animals on the planet…sharks! Between organizing research projects, educating the public on sharks, attending awareness events in the UK and USA, and speaking out against shark slaughters like the shark cull in Australia, you think he’d be ready for a rest, but the founder of Shark Aid International is just getting started – and he’s using Fabrily to help raise awareness!

Shark Aid International is a global shark awareness, education, protection and conservation organization. With independent and collaborative research projects, direct assistance for sharks, international trips, campaigns and events, the group gets involved with everything and anything they can to help sharks. Since being founded in 2012 the organization has grown at a rapid rate and continues to achieve wonderful things for shark populations all over the world.

In April 2014 Shark Aid International launched their first Fabrily campaign in order to raise funds and awareness for their cause. Their campaign was successful and the organization was able to raise funds to help cover the costs of the wonderful work they’re doing for shark species all over the world.

Alex Wright has kindly agreed to provide us with insight into his campaign experience and offers tips and advice for other animal advocates wanting to raise funds and awareness for their cause.

 Logo ©Shark Aid International

Can you please provide us with a bit more information about what exactly your organization does?
As you said, awareness, education, protection and conservation:
Awareness – International events and the use of the internet to spread the word about sharks and what we all need to do to protect them.
Education – Getting into schools, for all ages and providing classes and/or materials to teach the next generation about the importance of sharks.
Protection – Actively engaging with sharks and working to maintain or implement laws on regional levels to protect them.
Conservation – Doing everything we can to sustain the global shark population.
Please feel free to go to our website to learn more about what we’ve done and do for our sharky friends!

How did you find out about Fabrily?
I was contacted by a member of the Fabrily team, who told me about this amazing idea, that sounded too good to be true! But of course, it was true. A truly great initiative.

How was your campaigning experience? Would you recommend using Fabrily to other non-profits hoping to raise funds and awareness for their cause?
We would recommend Fabrily to everyone! It’s an amazing company who provide an amazing service and we raised over $500 in our first (of many to come) campaigns! It is actually quite fun selling your own t-shirts, the time limit makes it a proactive, fun challenge.

You were able to double the selling goal of your campaign – what promotional methods did you use?
We went over double our goal in the last few days! I would recommend using social media to promote a campaign; that as definitely the most effective way for us at least. Share it with friends and family, ask them to do the same and most importantly, promote through your group’s social media accounts with advertising and images to catch people’s attention. The last few days seem to be the most important, so just get online and push push push!

How will the funds raised through your Fabrily campaign be used? Would you use Fabrily again in the future?
We will use the funds to further our ongoing projects. We can buy materials we need, use of boat and kayak rental, purchase merchandise to then create even more funds. Also the money will get us to events around the world to do more for sharks on an international level. We will definitely use Fabrily again!

Shark Aid International has achieved so many things in the last few years – can you give us some highlights of the organization’s accomplishments?
Where do I start? We helped implement protection for hammerheads, porbeagles, white tips and rays, we have been lucky enough to get in the water with some of the most amazing species of shark and still continue to do so. We’ve stopped restaurants selling shark fin soup, we have grown to an international level, based in USA and UK now, events and awareness all around the world, identification project in Florida, collaborated with some of the most amazing conservationists and organizations in the industry, the list goes on!

Can you offer any advice or tips for non-profits and animal rights groups hoping to get the word out about their cause?
Enthusiasm, passion, dedication, knowledge and experience. If you have these things, you are more than likely to succeed. All of these attributes will push you in the right directions for your cause!


The Fabrily team would like to congratulate Shark Aid International on the success of their campaign and on the awesome work their doing for shark species all over the world.

To find out more about Shark Aid International and the current projects they’re working on like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

To read about more Success Stories click here, to start your own campaign click here.



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