Fabrily 2.0 – First wave of new features available!

You may have noticed some big changes going on at Fabrily!  We’ve just launched the first phase of Fabrily 2.0 and there are still more updates to come! This week the new features we added were:

  1. Multiple items per campaign
  2. New minimum goal
  3. New campaign landing page
  4. Personal Account Managers

Multiple items per campaign
Now you can feature multiple items on the same campaign page! For the time being you can feature a combination of any of the unisex shirts, women’s shirts, or tank tops on the same campaign page (hoodies coming soon!). For your “main item” you can select 3 colour options, and then you can add an additional two items (different from the “main item”) with one colour option for each.


New Campaign Landing Page
Our campaign landing page has been tweaked to improve conversions. It now includes bigger images, better social media buttons, ability for buyers to select various combinations of size, colour and style, and purchase light-window. Please note that the new design applies to campaigns launched from this date forward.


New Minimum Goal
Not sure if a new design will be successful? No problem! Now you can set your minimum goal to 10 items! Just select this goal when you’re submitting your campaign request!


Personal Account Manager
We are now offering dedicated account managers for all campaigners, not just top sellers! If you would like an account manager, please email jessica@fabrily.com

account manager

There are still many more updates to come! Expect to see the new mockup creator and multi-lingual options on Fabrily.com VERY SOON! We’ll announce the release of new features next week!

ALSO want to know when payouts take place, how to avoid copyright violations, recommended price ranges, and what type of design files to use? Click here!



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