Campaign Designs, Price Ranges, Payouts, and Copyright Violation – what you need to know!

We’re having a lot of new campaigners join the Fabrily family and we noticed many of you have similar questions. Please continue reading below for some useful information regarding campaign images, price ranges, payouts, and copyright violation.

Campaign Design Files
When you submit a campaign we recommend using a 3000×3000 pixels, 300 dpi PNG file. It is VERY important that your images are high resolution or this could lead to issues when the time comes for order production.


If you view a design from 100% this is how it will appear on the garment when it is printed; we can see that the hand featured in this design has a lower DPI than the text and the soccer ball and will not look good when printed on fabric. Please always submit high-resolution files for campaigns – this will guarantee a speedy campaign launch and smooth order production once the campaign ends. If you’re having issues uploading a large design using the new TeeMaker you may want to reduce the size to 500 – 700 KB for a speedy upload!

Campaign Pricing
These prices include VAT tax so if you’re targeting a country outside of the UK or EU then you can subtract 1 or 2 pounds from these prices:

  • For standard t-shirts and tank tops, we recommend a selling price between £14-£20 and $16-$25. (for premium products you can set the price a bit higher £16-£22)
  • For hoodies, we recommend a selling price between £28-£35 and $30-$40.
  • For iPhone cases, we recommend a selling price between £12-£15 and $16-$25.

Once your campaign ends successfully we will transfer the profits to you within 2 working days. Please keep in mind that bank transfers may take an additional 3 to 5 days to appear in your account. For PayPal transfers please make sure to provide the email address associated with your account and the complete name on the account. For the latest news on Payoneer please click here!

Copyright Violation
It is very important that you follow trademark and copyright laws when launching a campaign. This means do not feature official logos, brands, sports teams, names, slogans, etc. within your design or the campaign description. We understand that many of you love to run campaigns geared toward certain sports teams but we ask that you please consciously make an effort to stay within the law and not use designs you know are copyrighted and/or trademarked. If a customer or company brings a copyright violation to our attention we will contact you and it is very possible the campaign may be taken down – to avoid this hassle and worry please be smart about the campaigns you launch and if you have to ask yourself if the design is a copyright violation then chances are it probably is!

For more information you can visit our Internet Marketer Resources section of the Fabrily Blog or email with any questions you may have.

Also please visit our Fabrily Insider group on Facebook to ask questions about campaigns, give feedback, or make any suggestions.



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